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What Is Table Tennis? How to Choose Table Tennis Table?

Table Tennis Table

A challenging and fun game of table tennis table

Table tennis table is a whole body exercise that can help you lose weight, sweat, detoxify, your skin will look better and your sleep quality will improve. It is suitable for the whole family to play together, promote family harmony, children, the elderly, the whole family to play together, is a good way of entertainment.

Table tennis table also has many benefits for children to play and develop hobbies, and its competitiveness makes the game challenging and fun.

Before you buy a table tennis table, you first need to know the table size and how much space you need to meet different needs. Determine if you have enough space according to your needs.

The field is used only for playing purposes and no other purposes. It is a fixed position. Priority to choose fixed table, good cost performance, good stability, good security. Temporary use of playing ball, need to move frequently, for example: in the living room or gym, need to store or move, give priority to a collapsible table tennis table for storage.

How Table Tennis Game Impacts Your Life?

Table tennis is a total-body workout that can help you lose weight, sweat, detoxify, enhance your skin, and improve your sleep quality. It is appropriate for the entire family to play together, promoting family harmony, youngsters, the elderly, and the entire family play together, and it is a fun way to spend time.

The many types of table tennis equipment utilized are one of the many things that any aspiring tennis player must master to become a successful player. The ball, racket or paddle, table, and net are the four essential pieces of equipment.

Table Tennis Equipments:


The weight of the ball used in the game is 2.7 grams. It's a little celluloid ball that can be white or orange, depending on the player's desire. They are available in a variety of qualities, with three stars being the best. It's a good place to start if you're a newbie.

Table Tennis Paddle, Racket, or Rubber

Another significant element of table tennis equipment is the racquet or paddle. It's used to bounce the ball around on the ping pong table. The shape resembles that of a tennis ball, but it is smaller and composed of different materials.

Table Tennis Table

The table is one of the most crucial pieces of all the equipments. The official table tennis tables used in the competition must be 9 feet long, 5 feet broad, and 30 inches above the ground, according to the ITTF. They are made of hardboard and are available in green, blue, or black. To get the lowest possible friction, the surface must be smooth.

Net and Post

The net can be purchased separately or in conjunction with the table or rackets.

It should be six feet long and six inches wide in any case. It should have a white upper tape that is no wider than 15mm. Moreover, it should also feature an assembly that may be added to the table tennis table center.

The four pieces of equipment that any prospective player should purchase are the most fundamental. Shoes, apparel, and accessories are examples of other table tennis table equipment. These are, however, optional.

Table Tennis Table Equipment Suggestions

Here are some suggestions for keeping your equipment in good working order that I have found to be helpful.

1. Keep your rubbers warm

The top sheet expands and becomes elastic as the temperature rises. This effect will provide you with a great deal of sensation, spin, and speed. Put your paddle under your tracksuit and rub it gently before you start playing.

The rubbers are more "alive" and ready to play quality shots after 5-10 minutes. Compare and contrast cold and warm rubbers to see the differences.

2. Always clean your tacky rubbers after training or tournament match

Tacky rubbers can endure a long time if properly cared for. Apply 4-5 drops of water (or sweat!) on your rubber after your training/match and clean it lightly with a piece of cloth. Rubbers become less sticky as dust particles adhere to their surface. Tackiness is replenished by water or sweat, although it fades quickly if the rubber is unclean for an extended period.

3. Tear Mender is the best water glue on the market

A tear mender is mostly used to bind clothing and materials together. The glue on the rubber/blade may be removed in a matter of seconds. It's a must-have for equipment junkies who change their rubbers frequently.

4. Observe the sole

The sole of the shoe does not wrap up around the heel in the first image. Sole will gradually detach after a few training sessions, rendering the shoe useless.

The sole of the shoe covers the heel in the second image, forming a solid attachment. It's a small detail that almost no one notices, but it saves you money. I have a pair of shoes comparable to the one in the second photo, and they still play like new after 1.5 years of training.

5. Choose” micro dry fit” shirts and shorts instead of cotton ones

Sports garments made of "dry fit" materials are extremely effective at wicking perspiration away from the body. They're light and comfy, and they keep you safe from harm. An injury can occur if you train for 2-3 hours while wearing a cotton shirt and shorts.

Outdoor vs indoor table tennis table

The difference between an indoor and an outdoor table tennis table is that an inside table will include features such as legs, making it simpler to move about as needed. This is due to the impracticality of moving an outside table. Outdoor table tennis tables are also limited in terms of the surface they may stand on as well as their weight if you wish to bring them inside and set them up at home.

Indoor table tennis tables have a smaller bounce, which makes them simpler for novices to use, but they cannot handle as much force. The difference between indoor  and outdoor table tennis tables is how high the ball would then bounce if you struck it with power with your paddle.

When purchasing a table tennis table, there are a few things to keep in mind.

The general stability of the ping pong table during playing the game. The body will inevitably contact the table, causing it to wobble slightly. The stability of the table will be harmed if there is too much rocking.

Table Safety

In the absence of external pressures, a folding table tennis table should not open. It should be closed with effective self-locking equipment for safety reasons.


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