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Dart Board

Introduction to sources, benefits, and options of dartboard

SZX dartboard is the most popular and best quality dart of modern times and is the designated dart for all regular competitions. The dartboard is made of sisal fiber.

The high quality sisal hemp produced in the UK comes from Sisal hemp in Africa (mainly Kenya). Because our country produces darts for Hainan island darts, so people often demand sisal dart for Joan sisal dart.

The Darts sport is a whole body exercise, for the modern office can achieve all-round fitness effect. Darts movement mainly involves the contraction of fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulder joints, deltoid, triceps and other muscles and joints. Throwing darts can also link visual fatigue, exercise vision.

Darts sport is competitive, confrontational, entertaining and other characteristics. In a busy working state often play darts can also adjust the psychological state, improve the psychological quality.

Choosing Dartboard: The most common dart boards are made of paper and flocking. They are cheap, look like decorations, and have played a big role in promoting the popularity of darts. But if you use regular tungsten darts and practice them every day, they shouldn't last more than a week. Thus, for true darts players, buying both is not an economic issue, but rather that they are useless.

For those players who practice darts regularly, we recommend sisal darts to get the best value for money, both for their regularity and for their longevity.

You've come to the correct site if you don't have a dartboard to set up right now and merely want to learn how to do it, assess your alternatives, and pick the best one for you. Of course, one of the greatest dartboards on the market is always an option.

Dimensions to take care of

The setup dimensions are the most crucial item to know before beginning the entire dartboard setup process. This information should be included with your dartboard, in the dartboard instruction manual, and I'll also provide it here.

Tip made of steel

Steel tip, bristle dart boards are the most common dart board configuration measurements.

From the floor to the middle of the dartboard, called the "bullseye," you must be 173 cm (5 feet 8 inches) tall.

From the FRONT of the dartboard (not the back wall) to the BACK of the throwline, the distance will be 237 cm or 7 feet 9 and 14 inches.

This is the solution you'll find if you search most websites on the internet, but it can be misrepresentative. Because there are a lot of variations in the setup height and distance of the dart board game based on other factors, such as whether you're handicapped. Whether it's an electronic dart board game, whether it's a "regional" dartboard, and so on.

Delicate Tip for Electronic Measurements

The height of electronic dartboards is 173 cm (5 feet 8 inches) from the floor to the middle of the dartboard.

The distance between the throwline and the front of the dartboard is now 244 cm (8 ft).

Some people, like myself, may own a soft tip board but choose to adhere to the formal restrictions that apply to steel tip darts; the choice is entirely yours.

These laws are not set in stone, especially for home usage; you determine the rules, and you may do whatever you want.

It's worth noting that if you're used to playing on an electronic board and then switching to a bristle board, it may take some getting used to.

For starters, soft tip darts are lighter than steel tip darts, which affects your throw.

Measurements if you are on wheel chair

If you're in a wheelchair, you'll need to make some adjustments.

The throwing distance for wheelchair dartboard players is the same as for bristle dartboards, 237 cm (7 feet 9 and 14 inches), however, the dartboard height is 137 cm (4ft5(9/10) inches.

The change in wheelchair setup has a lengthy history; before 2010, wheelchair dart players and ordinary dart players used the same specifications.

Magnetic Dartboard Installation

Magnetic dartboards are, for the most part, a toy in the world of darts; there are no competitions that use them, and there are no official dimensions for magnetic dartboards.

They're just offered as a convenience for folks who wish to swiftly set up and play a game of darts. This isn't a major part of the game.

You may use either the soft tip or steel tip measures, whatever you like if you want to take it seriously and play with official dimensions.

Installing the dartboard

Dartboards made of bristle

Now that you have the measurements, the fun part begins: hanging your dartboard on the wall. For bristle dartboards, this will need a little more effort; you'll need to get a little more hands-on with some equipment.

The dartboard comes with all of the components you'll need to mount it on the wall. There is normally a metal slot that you must pin to your wall or backboard for bristle boards. As well as additional metal elements that must be nailed to the board to keep it balanced against the wall.

They come with enough nails for you to do the job. After that, you just hammer a nail into the rear of the bulls-eye and slide it into the slot on the wall.

Here's a little movie to assist you with visualizing.

Electronic Dartboards

When it comes to installing, electronic dartboards take significantly less effort, but they do complicate measurements.

They make your job easier because they already have a hole drilled in them.

At least one hole is normally present in the back. Although there may be more, usually two to three. Because the device's hole is at the top, you'll need to draw a higher location above the bullseye to hang the board.

They've made it even easier for you by adding the revised distance in the handbook; all you have to do now is hammer a nail into the wall or backboard and install it.

There are also extra holes to hammer in around the dartboard to make it more sturdy.

Here’s a video showing you how it’s done.

Magnetic Dartboards

Mounting magnetic dartboards is a breeze. They have a rope at the top that allows you to hang them almost any place, and I've seen folks do exactly that.

Magnetic dartboards are made to be incredibly portal, easy to install and play. So, some people hang them in the gym, in the living room, in their bedroom, and anywhere else.

You can take it any place and just roll it up when you're done; you can put it up at a friend's house and then take it back home with you when you're done.


So there you have it, guys. There are a few more things I could include, but for now, I'd say those are the most important considerations to make while installing a dartboard.

Setting up the dartboard and oche line may be enough for casual players, but more skilled players may wish to do more. Installing better illumination, upgrading to a darts cabinet, or upgrading to a better oche line are just a few examples.

Whatever your level of interest, I hope you may find something useful in this to help you set up your dartboard. Good luck with the setup and even greater luck with the throws!

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