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Game on! The Air Powered Hockey Table is more fun for youth and teenage players!

The Air hockey table features LED electronic and abacus scoring for you to easily keep track of the action, features a  heavy duty 110V/240V fan for fast play and cantilever rails to reduce disk bounce. Adjustable leg levelers ensure a level playing surface even when the floors are uneven.

Start a rivalry in your basement or game room with the Air Hockey Table!

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Air Hockey Table

White Glossy 7ft Sportcraft Air Hockey Table Full Size For Sale

White Glossy 7ft Sportcraft Air Hockey Table Full Size For Sale

Factory direct wholesale modern 6ft air hockey table

Factory direct wholesale modern 6ft air hockey table

PVC Laminated MDF Adult Air Hockey Table

High quality PVC Laminated MDF air hockey table for adult

SZX 7FT high quality air hockey game table for wholesale

SZX 7FT high quality air hockey game table for wholesale

SZX 7FT Professional air hockey game table for wholesale

SZX 7FT Professional air hockey game table for wholesale

What is an air hockey table?

One of the most famous and long-lasting arcade games in the past few decades is played on an air hockey table.

It was created in the late 1960s and early 1970s by a group of game makers from a snooker table maker in the United States, who worked on the concept and patented it. By having the idea from the famous sport of ice hockey, they sought to create a game that was fast to play and more entertaining than the snooker.

A goal was placed at each end of the vast, flat playfield, which was designated with ice hockey pitch lines. The tables started with only sliding pucks, but the playfield quickly became perforated with thousands of small holes. Electric pumps pumped a tremendous air current through these openings, creating an air cushion on which the puck could float - exactly like the puck floats on the ice during an ice hockey game.

The pitch's vertical, metal edge bounces the puck into the pitch upon collision, resulting in two distinct characteristics of the game: the frantic, zig-zagging rebound methods employed by the greatest players, and the iconic 'ping' sound produced by the impact. Pushers, also known as mallets or pads, are used by players to protect their goals and strike their enemy. The player who scores the most goals in a given amount of time, or who surpasses a pre-determined goal limit, is declared the winner.

Advantages of an air hockey table:

1. Makes you healthy by burning Calories

1. Many individuals do not consider table sports to be true sports. It's understandable, given that they demand far less raw physical work than most other pursuits.

2. Even a board sport like air hockey, on the other hand, maybe a good exercise or a supplement to one. Electronic air hockey is like table tennis in that it is a MET 4 exercise, or something close to it. This implies it's nearly four times as difficult as lying on your sofa for a hours and doing nothing.

3. That implies that, based on your body weight, a boisterous game of air hockey may burn quite a few calories.

2. it Controls Adrenaline Boosts

1. While severe activities like skydiving have no competition, intense sports and games of all types produce an adrenaline rush.

2. Adrenaline has many well-known benefits in the short term, such as improved reflexes and vision, strength, stamina, pain resistance, and decision making, but regular, controlled bursts of adrenaline can also have long-term health benefits, such as slowing the aging process and boosting your immune system

3. Hand to Eye Coordination improvement

· Air hockey pucks move very quickly, although not being as fast as a big-league pitcher. This is aided by the relatively short distances (typically a little over 6 feet) involved.

· Because keeping up with such a rapidly moving item necessitates quick reflexes, air hockeygame table manufacturer, and other table games can be an excellent method to improve your hand-eye coordination and ability to anticipate fast-moving things.

4. Increase social circle

1. Electronic Air hockey, similar to any other energetic sport, needs at least one opponent to compete. This provides you with plenty of opportunities to meet new individuals who, coincidentally, share at least one main interest with you!

2. Meeting new people provides a variety of advantages, some of which are not immediately apparent. Yes, there's that wonderful sensation that comes with establishing a new friend; in fact, it's one of the most essential things in the world.

Which air hockey table to buy?


A used or new one?

Is buying a used table worth more? That is totally up to you, but there are a few factors to consider while deciding between a used and new air hockey table. Make sure the individual air openings are free of dirt and debris. It might be difficult to clear the air openings if they are blocked. What was the method of storing the table? Is there any evidence of water damage? The inner parts of any arcade air hockey game table can be severely damaged by humid conditions and wetness.


Both the fan motor and the digital score components can be broken, although you wouldn't know it by looking at the game. It is critical to learn as much as possible about the game's past. Examine the blower motor's condition as well as the airflow on the table. It's not cheap to replace the blower motor if it's broken. A damaged playfield is in the same boat. New air hockey tables have the benefit of allowing you to customize all of the elements according to your liking.


Some amazing features:

For many consumers, the most significant feature is that the majority of new items come with a guarantee, which provides you with some peace of mind and safety on your new purchase like the following products of SZX.


· Factory direct wholesale modern 6ft air hockey table

· High-quality PVC Laminated MDF air hockey table for adult

· SZX 7FT high-quality air hockey game table for wholesale

· SZX 7FT Professional air hockey game table for wholesale


All the SZX products are electronically operated, and you will not regret after buying these. Some of them come in different sizes with the durable material of MDF and PVC lamination. Some of these can be considered as outside air hockey tables, unquestionably they add dimension to the game. While playing, one may enjoy the benefits of fresh air. Because some outdoor air hockey boards are transportable, they may be used to keep kids and adults entertained during a picnic. Water does not enter these waterproof tables because the air holes are built in such a manner that water does not enter. These all games tables of SZX are highly recommended because of their above mentioned features.