SZX 7ft 8ft 9ft Cheap modern billiard pool table for sale china
SZX 7ft 8ft 9ft Cheap modern billiard pool table for sale china
SZX 7ft 8ft 9ft Cheap modern billiard pool table for sale china
SZX 7ft 8ft 9ft Cheap modern billiard pool table for sale china
SZX 7ft 8ft 9ft Cheap modern billiard pool table for sale china
SZX 7ft 8ft 9ft Cheap modern billiard pool table for sale china
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SZX 7ft 8ft 9ft Cheap modern billiard pool table for sale china


STYLE: Auto Ball Return System


7FT/84" x 48" x 32" (213 x 122 x 81cm)


7FT/217.5 x 126 x 17cm

MATERIAL: MDF with PVC lamination

COULOR: Black / Blue / Red /Customized

GW/NW: 100/90 KGS (7 FT)


1 Set billiard balls 2-1/4" / 1 pc triangle/2 pc cues 57"

1 pc Plastic brush /2 pc Chalks

MOQ: 20 GP (PCS)



SUPPLY ABILITY: 10000 pcs/30days




SZX 7ft 8ft 9ft Cheap modern billiard pool table for sale china


Table Detail


SZX 7ft 8ft 9ft Cheap modern billiard pool table for sale china

1. Auto Ball Return System

It has an automatic ball return system for simple and fast access.

SZX 7ft 8ft 9ft Cheap modern billiard pool table for sale china

2. Silver ABS apron corners

The pool table uses a sleek surface with a silver ABS apron corner product. Looking very bright and light, easy to install, making the table look more beautiful and modern.

SZX 7ft 8ft 9ft Cheap modern billiard pool table for sale china

3. Freely adjustable leg

Through adjustable feet, you can adjust the height above the uneven floor to achieve the effect of desktop level, without affecting the horizontal rolling of the ball.

About This Item

  • ADJUST LEG LEVELERS: The leg level adjustment system makes the table adjustable in the case of uneven floors to suit your environmental needs to make the game as accurate and fair as possible.
  • AUTOMATIC BALL RETURN SYSTEM: It enables easy and fast access to the ball. After the ball falls in the bag, it automatically rolls to the hole. which can save the time to collect the ball and has a better entertainment effect.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: After opening the package, the table is already in a semi-assembled state, and only the legs of the table are needed to complete the assembly of the product. It only takes two people 20 minutes to complete it, which is very simple.
  • PLAY FIELD: 18 mm MDF with One sided imitation cotton flannelette makes the play surface smoothly, the balls run clearly after been struck.
  • SUITABLE PLACES: This 7ft/8ft billiard table is perfect for home use and can be used in living rooms, garages, basements and out yards, as well as in bars, game rooms and other entertainment venues.
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDES: Pool Cues, Pool Balls Billiard Set, Billiard Chalk, Billiard Triangle, Table Brush

At work, it's a great way for employees and coworkers to unwind with a lunchtime game or compete in a workplace tournament. And it will produce more money, keep your clients entertained, and boost the profile of your firm at your location.

However, with so many models, styles, and sizes to pick from, it can be difficult to make a decision. We'll walk you through all of the factors and options, measurements, and options so you can make the best selection possible.

Sweet home and sweet table

A Billiard table might be a wonderful centerpiece in your home if you have the space. You'll like being able to practice whenever you choose. Simply get a bite to eat and keep racking up those balls when you get home after work. Visitors may enjoy a few juices and friendly competition if they are casual gamers or social butterflies.

When seeking the right home Billiard table, MDF Billiard tables are an excellent place to start. They look nice, are well-made, and give a gaming experience equivalent to more expensive Hardwood tables. Some MDF billiard tables save space by converting to a dining table or by combining Pool and table tennis into a multi-game table. They are most suited for families and children, although they may also be utilized in shared housing or common areas.

Difference Between Snooker and Pool?

Pool and snooker may look to be quite similar, but they differ in the number of balls, pockets, Billiard table size, cue stick size, and a variety of other aspects. Some individuals use the terms pool and snooker interchangeably. However, this is not correct. Here's a short look at the distinctions between Pool and Snooker.

Pool Tables as a Business

Coin-operated Billiard has long been a popular fixture at hotels, sports clubs, membership clubs, restaurants, and retail malls.

Pool tables would be a big hit with your regulars, especially if you set up a friendly or competitive league. People will enjoy Instagramming their winning photographs, providing you with free publicity, and you will have a large number of returning guests who will spend more time at your facility.

A vacational game

A pool table is a wonderful addition to the break area of your business. It will keep your employees entertained and engaged, and it will also act as a great social focus during lunch breaks.

A break room, also known as a chillout zone, is a location where employees may relax for an hour by playing pool, relaxing, recharging, and eating. In today's workplace, productivity is crucial. Employee happiness, optimism, and contentment have all been related to increased productivity.

It's also a great place for more informal gatherings, whether with staff or guests. Some meetings are more effective when held in a relaxed and pleasant environment, and a break room is an ideal solution for this.

Required space

Pool tables require access from all sides to provide adequate cueing space. A pool table 7ft long (the most popular size in South Africa) requires around a 4 × 5-meter area to play comfortably. A 12ft Snooker table requires roughly space to play comfortably.

Pool table style

Pool tables from SZX come in a range of designs and sizes. Aside from the distinctions between Pool and Snooker tables, you should pick depending on your tastes and how well they will fit into your décor. The following are some of the most common styles:

  • Modern

SZX contemporary Pool tables are designed to fit into a home, mancave, or business chill zone setting. Many people choose them because they have the strength of a club table but with a more subtle design and a simpler form. They all include a ball return system.

  • Dining

Pool dining tables are frequently modern in style, with a rather shallow body to allow for plenty of space beneath for chairs and legs.

  • Luxury

Luxury billiards are composed of the most costly materials and feature the most fashionable designs. Make a statement with a Fusion pool table or a Tudor billiard pool table, both of which are made in Belgium.

Other Options

1. Examine how the balls are returned to you based on the table you chose.

2. The majority of pool tables produced in South Africa contain pockets linked by an inbuilt ball return system that sends balls to one end of the table after potting.

3. The mechanism on a coin-operated table is divided into two parts: one that returns colored balls to the ball drawer in readiness for the next coin, and the other that returns white balls to the table's end in preparing for re-spotting.

4. Snooker tables are equipped with basic net pockets. These just fill up with balls as they are potted and are ready for recovery at the conclusion of the game.



If you're simply looking, a local dealer is typically the best place to start because they can show you a range of table types and brands and answer any particular questions you have on the spot. If you already know what you're looking for, or if there isn't a local dealer near you, you may buy a decent billiard pool table online these days. Take your time while purchasing, whether online or at a dealer. Don't be hesitant to ask as many questions as you can think of, and don't make any assumptions - pool tables have a lot of ancillary charges that may or may not be included in the rates you're offered.