SZX 6ft 7ft Billiard Table Portable Pool Table
SZX 6ft 7ft Billiard Table Portable Pool Table
SZX 6ft 7ft Billiard Table Portable Pool Table
SZX 6ft 7ft Billiard Table Portable Pool Table
SZX 6ft 7ft Billiard Table Portable Pool Table
SZX 6ft 7ft Billiard Table Portable Pool Table
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SZX 6ft 7ft Billiard Table Portable Pool Table




6FT/76" x 43" x 31" (1945×1100×800 mm )

7FT/84" x 47" x 31" (2145×1210×800 mm  )


6FT/ 2035×1190×130 mm

7FT/ 2235×1295×130 mm

TOP RAIL: MDF with PVC lamination

LEGS: Iron pipe with paint

COULOR: Black / Blue / Red /Customized

GW/NW: 68/56 KGS (6 FT ) ; 81 /68 KGS (7 FT)


1 Set billiard balls 2-1/4" / 1 pc triangle/2 pc cues 57"

1 pc Plastic brush /2 pc Chalks

MOQ: 20 GP (PCS)



SUPPLY ABILITY: 10000 pcs/30days




SZX 6ft 7ft Billiard Table Portable Pool Table


Table Detail


SZX 6ft 7ft Billiard Table Portable Pool Table

1. Freely adjustable leg

Through adjustable feet, you can adjust the height above the uneven floor to achieve the effect of desktop level, without affecting the horizontal rolling of the ball.

SZX 6ft 7ft Billiard Table Portable Pool Table

2. Drop style pocket

Billiard table net bag is made of woven net, which is more durable, and the ball inlet can be changed according to the demand.

SZX 6ft 7ft Billiard Table Portable Pool Table

3. Foldable metal device

Billiard table has iron pipes and painted folding legs. It improves the firmness of the iron leg, the surface coating can effectively slow down the corrosion of the iron leg, and the use of folding can reduce the footprint of the family area.

About This Item

  • ADJUST LEG LEVELERS: The leg level adjustment system makes the table adjustable in the case of uneven floors to suit your environmental needs to make the game as accurate and fair as possible.
  • FOLDING DEVICE: The pool table has iron pipes and painted folding legs. It improves the firmness of the iron leg, the surface coating can effectively slow the corrosion of the iron leg, easy to fold to reduce the space area, easy to use for leisure and entertainment.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: After opening the package, the table is already in a semi-assembled state, and only the legs of the table are needed to complete the assembly of the product. It only takes two people 20 minutes to complete it, which is very simple.
  • PLAY FIELD: 18 mm MDF with One sided imitation cotton flannelette makes the play surface smoothly, the balls run clearly after been struck.
  • SUITABLE PLACES: This 7ft/8ft billiard table is perfect for home use and can be used in living rooms, garages, basements and out yards, as well as in bars, game rooms and other entertainment venues.
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDES: Pool Cues, Pool Balls Billiard Set, Billiard Chalk, Billiard Triangle, Table Brush

History about Billiards (Cue Supports): 

Cue games have been referred to as billiard in history. A game in which a player uses a cue stick to hit or strike a billiard ball while moving it around a billiard table. Before the invention of the cue stick, people used to play with mace. A billiard table is a bordered table with a level surface covered in cloth and rubber cushions. There are six pockets in a specific cue sport like pool, one on each edge of the table and the other two on the sides. King and the common folk, politicians, psychiatric patients, women, businessmen, and hustlers participated in the game.


Billiard Table:

Railing on billiard/pool tables is flat. The primary use of the railing is to keep the balls from falling off. Some low-cost pool tables use synthesized slate or plastic honeycomb sheets. Natural slate is the preferred playing surface approved by the BCA. Because of its high density, with a typical table weight of 450 lb. (200 kg) or more. This mass aids in the stability of the table during play.

Wood is another significant component of pool tables. The structural framework of the table is made up of poplar (tulipwood). This wood provides outstanding self-healing qualities that retain bolts tightly and heals well when there are no bolts.


Whether you consider pool games as a sport, a passion, or a hobby. You can't dispute that it has numerous advantages. Billiard games are beneficial to both the body and the mind.


Health Benefits of Billiards games:


Slows aging:

Beer and billiards have become a popular way for men to socialize.   As per a previous study from the University of Copenhagen, drinking beer while playing pool with companions can help keep older men energetic by allowing them to switch between strenuous and passive activities during the game. The billiard game can help slow down the aging process by giving the elderly a fun exercise that keeps their muscles active.



Better Hand-Eye Coordination:

Most games demand impressive hand-eye coordination to win. Coordination of hand and eye need for the small-time frame in which players perform numerous tasks simultaneously to play their shot. Deciding which target ball to try, aiming for it, determining where to strike the cue ball, and manipulating the Power bar are among them. You won't be able to perform the excellent shot in billiard games unless your eyesight and movements are in the proper position.


An Excellent Way to Relax & Relieve Stress:

Games are the best way to reduce stress. The fascinating and captivating billiard tables draw millions of players from all around the world.   When playing billiard games, players might lose track of time and become completely immersed in the game. Billiard games allow them to disconnect from their challenging and stressful lives. Billiard games are one of the best methods to relax and utilize your spare time.


Helps build control:

People who play cue games like pool are less likely to make mistakes in a disaster. Participants can communicate logically and calmly while playing this game. Billiard games allow them to analyze the most meaningful information and details and encourage them to act without becoming emotional.


Burns calories:

A game of pool can provide a surprising amount of beneficial walking. A standard 2-hour 8-ball or 9-ball session can provide 100 laps around the table's circumference, which is roughly equivalent to walking about three-quarters of a mile. Although playing pool does not involve much physical effort or physical power. But the average pool player burns roughly 200 calories per hour.


5 Tips Which Will Help You Focus on Your Pool Game:

You may struggle to target and shoot the ball if you are not focused. There are seven simple methods to help you focus when it's time to play.


Develop a pre-shot ritual:

It will help you enhance your game if you have a pre-shot practice. A pre-shot training is a set of actions you perform before getting a shot. When followed consistently, the practice will become a habit. It aids in your game improvement.


Before each shot, take a few deep breaths:

When you're ready to play, take some deep breaths and sit down at the table. It will help you relax your nerves and focus your attention on the task at hand.


Rehydrate during the game:

Get up from the table now and again and take a drink of water. Long periods of pool games can dehydrate you. You can also lose your focus. Whenever you're playing, keep a glass or bottle of water nearby.


Concentrate on the shot you want to take:

When you're going to take a shot, you should also practice consciously focusing. Consider the hole into which you want the ball to fall. Apart from that, consider how hard you want to hit the ball.


Distract yourself from your surroundings:

During a game, you should concentrate on the board and the game. Avoid glancing at the TV, other people watching the match, or getting lured into any nearby distractions.


There are many varieties of pool tables that can help you in many ways. Pool tables are in many styles and designs. The portable pool table of SZX provides you with the best services. You can buy an SZX portable pool table if you want a useful table.

Buy a billiard table portable pool table:

Potable pool tables have some fantastic features such as:

1. You may change the height above an uneven ground to achieve the illusion of a tabletop level, without influencing the horizontal sliding of the ball.  Thanks to changeable feet.

2. The ball intake on the billiard table net bag can modify according to need. It is constructed of a woven net, which is more lasting.

3. Iron pipes and painted foldable legs embellish this billiard table. It increases the iron leg's stiffness, the surface coating effectively slows the iron leg's corrosion, and the usage of folding reduces the family area's footprint.



Billiard, pool, and snooker are three separate games that are all played on a fabric-covered table. The main distinctions are the table sizes and the number of balls played throughout the game. If you're looking for a billiard table, SZX is the place to go. There are so many other designs and styles too on the SZX websites.