High quality professional table tennis table for outdoor used
High quality professional table tennis table for outdoor used
High quality professional table tennis table for outdoor used
High quality professional table tennis table for outdoor used
High quality professional table tennis table for outdoor used
High quality professional table tennis table for outdoor used
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High quality professional table tennis table for outdoor used




108"×60"×30" (2740×1525×760mm)


1 PC/CTN, Mail order packing


TABLE TOP: 6mm aluminium-plastic panel


Apron: 40mmx20mmx0.8mm Iron tube with powder coating

Support tube bracket: 40mmx80mmx1mm Iron tube with powder coating

Table leg: 100mmx50mmx1mm Iron tube with powder coating


Board color: Blue/Customized

Aprons color: Black/Customized

Legs color: Sliver/Customized

GW/NW: 112/92kgs

ACCESSORIES: 1 set net, 2 bats, 3 balls

MOQ: 20 GP (116 pcs)

DELIVERY TIME: 45-60days


SUPPLY ABILITY: 10000 pcs/30days




High quality professional table tennis table for outdoor used


Table Detail


High quality professional table tennis table for outdoor used

1. Feet with solder joints

The table leg of this table tennis table adopts the support leg with welding spot, and the additional welding spot can enhance the stability of the table, so that there is a stable, fair and just environment in the process of use.

High quality professional table tennis table for outdoor used

2. Frame

The overall frame of the table tennis table adopts powder coated steel tube, which has strong anticorrosion performance, strong impact resistance and good temperature resistance.

High quality professional table tennis table for outdoor used

3. Iron net

The table tennis table adopts spiral iron net frame, good stability, table tennis net material is iron net, in the use process can effectively reduce the damage to the net, improve the use of annual efficiency.

About This Item

  • PLAYBOARD: Using 6mm aluminum plastic board, table top flexibility, not easy to deformation. It can maintain good flatness for a long time and has good weather resistance even in harsh outdoor environments.
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDES: Net, bats, ball
  • SUITABLE PLACES: This table is perfect for home use and can be used in garages, basements and outdoor courtyards, as well as game rooms and other entertainment venues.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: After opening the package, the table has been in a semi-assembled state, only need to install the table legs can complete the assembly of the product. It only takes two people 20 minutes to do it. It's very simple.
  • FEET WITH SOLDER JOINTS: The table leg of this table tennis table adopts the support leg with welding spot, and the additional welding spot can enhance the stability of the table, so that there is a stable, fair and just environment in the process of use. 
  • FRAM: The overall frame of the table tennis table adopts powder coated steel tube, which has strong anticorrosion performance, strong impact resistance and good temperature resistance.
  • IRON NET: The table tennis table adopts spiral iron net frame, good stability, table tennis net material is iron net, in the use process can effectively reduce the damage to the net, improve the use of annual efficiency.

If you're considering getting a table tennis table for your house, the first significant choice is whether you'll install it indoors or outside.

If you have enough room indoors, I recommend acquiring an indoor table. After all, table tennis is an indoor sport.

This is fine. Table tennis outside may be a lot of fun. It is more social, with wine, food, laughing, fun, and games with friends and family. In the garden, an outdoor table tennis table may give hours of fun.

Select a top-notch table tennis table

The thickness of the table tennis surface is the simplest way to determine the quality of a table tennis table. The thickness will range between 12mm and 25mm. Thicker equals higher quality. Thinner equals lower quality.

Table differences

Table tennis tables are remarkably similar indoors and outside. They each have the same width, length, and height. The material used to make the table tennis surface is the most noticeable difference. Indoor tables are made of solid wood. Outdoor tables are made of metal and wood and are coated to protect them from the sun, rain, and wind. Outdoor tables also have sturdier frames, which raises the overall cost slightly.

I wouldn't advocate taking an indoor table outside since the wood surface may degrade quickly if it gets wet or exposed to too much sunshine. Furthermore, the frames aren't as strong and won't hold up as well on somewhat uneven terrain.

Outdoor vs indoor


1. First, let's discuss the differences between indoor and outdoor table tennis. Table tennis is unquestionably an indoor sport at the competitive level, both amateur and professional.

2. This is primarily due to the weather. Because table tennis balls are so light, any breeze may have a significant influence on the flight of the ball. And if there are any moist places on the table (due to rain), the ball will not bounce, making it difficult to play. Before buying and playing it outdoor you must take care of this thing otherwise you will not be able to play well or or defend your oponent

3. However, despite the weather, outdoor table tennis is becoming increasingly popular. It isn't as serious as indoor table tennis and is more for pleasure - what you may call 'ping pong'.

4. Outdoor table tennis tables may be found in many nations, including parks, schools, train stations, and retail malls. Thanks to a scheme named 'Ping,' several cities in the United Kingdom now have a plethora of outdoor tables.

5. When considering purchasing a table tennis table for your house, the major benefit of an outdoor table is that you have more area to play. The majority of individuals do not have adequate room inside their homes for an indoor table. You'll need a rather large room. If you purchase an outside table, this will be less of an issue. If you have a garden, even if it is little, you should have enough area to play.

6. The weather is the most significant drawback. It is much more difficult to play when there is a lot of wind, but it may be entertaining to attempt to combat the wind and your opponent - you get to play some wild shots! If it's pouring outside, don't bother playing. This isn't any fun. You may, however, play through a little drizzle. Outdoor table tennis may be a lot of fun when the sun is shining and there isn't much breeze.

Are you ready to play in the garden?


1. When setting up your table outside, a flat surface is ideal. You might set them on a patio or level grass. You may modify the leg heights to equal out the table, so even if your surface isn't perfectly flat, you can make the tabletop even.

2. Some wind shielding may be beneficial. If you can put the table near a garden fence or the side of the house, it will decrease some of the wind's influence, though it won't make much of a difference on a windy day.

3. In terms of size, the table is 2.74 meters in length and 1.525 meters in breadth. You'll also need at least 5 steps back from the end of the table and 2 or 3 steps to the side of the table to play comfortably.

4. It's preferable to get an outside table that folds (most do) so you can store it neatly after you're done playing.


Almost everyone has played Table Tennis at some point in their lives, whether it was at school as a youngster, at a friend's house, at home, or even at a club. Table Tennis is one of those games that is always enjoyable to play, and one of the finest aspects of the game is that anyone of any age or ability level may participate. We won't bore you with statistics, but there have been several studies conducted on the benefits of playing Table Tennis, from improving children's eye-hand coordination to helping our older folks improve their balance and reduce their risks of falling and injuring themselves. If you've never owned a tablet before, you'll probably want to perform your research or seek assistance from friends and relatives. SZX will assist you in making the finest decision because they provide high-quality items.