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Indoor Table Tennis Table: 7 Tips For Buying

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date May 09, 2022
indoor table tennis table

How to choose a table tennis table?

Indoor table tennis table are divided into two large groups: professional and amateur. We will tell you how to choose a good amateur tennis table where the pros can also train.

Preliminary Japanese Study Finds Table Tennis Slows Alzheimer's Symptoms. Some amateur tables are only suitable for indoor use. They are not recommended for outdoor use. Others can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are called all-weather.

It is advisable to choose a touchless car wash

To preserve the coating, all-weather tables are sometimes covered with a special protective cover. Falling branches and sand can scratch the coating and break its integrity. For the same reason, it is advisable to choose our indoor table tennis table.

Moreover, many people use outdoor tables and indoors to play at any time of the year in any weather.

Table tennis table: Criteria of choice

The main criterion is the material of the table top - it directly affects the life of the table. They are made from different materials:

  • Waterproof plywood: We do not recommend choosing such a tennis table for the street. Under prolonged exposure to moisture, plywood is deformed. Although it is made from ship wood. The table cover alternately swells and dries out. Which is why after several cycles it will become unusable.
  • Melamine - this material indoor table tennis table is not afraid of moisture. It easily tolerates harsh outdoor conditions. The thickness of the countertop usually does not exceed 4 mm. Because of this, if the table is not installed correctly. Moreover, the table top may bend along with the frame.
  • Another nuance: a thin tabletop gives a weak rebound of the ball. The player will have to get used to the new table and apply more effort when hitting.

In anti-vandal tables, the use of aluminum is impractical

The thickness of aluminum tabletops is 19 mm, deformation of such a design is impossible. The ball bounces off the table very well. The cost of such indoor table tennis table is higher than that of plywood and melamine. But the service life is longer. The main disadvantage of tables is susceptibility to mechanical deformation due to the softness of the metal.

Such countertops are made of three materials: plastic, melamine and aluminum, which alternate. The coating thickness is 7 mm, the price also reaches average values.

Anti-vandal outdoor tennis table

A suitable option for those who decide to equip a public sports ground. This option is suitable for those who are going to equip a public sports ground. Such indoor table tennis table differ from those listed above primarily in that they are securely fixed.

Moreover, they do not have wheels to move the table around the court. The use of a robust frame and a damage-resistant table top protects the table from theft or damage.

Sturdy metal frame, sturdy 12mm HPL top, built-in metal mesh. It's not easy to damage this table

The tops of vandal resistant tennis tables are often made of concrete. It helps to provide structural strength and protection from adverse weather conditions. Such tables are most often used in European countries. Their disadvantage is their mass. The weight of the table can reach half a ton.

The indoor table tennis table retains all its anti-vandal properties

Pay attention to the metal mesh. It is built into the table. Wind and rain will not be able to spoil such a grid. It will not need to be adjusted every time.  Moreover, you can start playing right away, without any distractions.

Any tennis table, regardless of the material and design of the base, requires the preparation of a flat area. A heavy table made of reliable materials is unlikely to deform, but there should not be a slope. The tennis table can also be installed on a flat lawn. But for this it will be necessary to concrete the bases for each leg.

Moreover, choosing a tennis table is a responsible task. You need to approach its solution with all seriousness.

So, let's begin.

Where will we play?

First you need to decide where, basically, the tennis table will be located: outdoors or indoors?

What is the best indoor table tennis table for this?

indoor table tennis table 2022

All-weather tennis tables have the main advantage. They do not need to be brought into the room at night. Such tables are made of a polymer material resistant to temperature changes. Moreover, the all-weather outdoor table tennis table is a great addition to your summer vacation.

Generally, the strength of the table is provided by the properties of the material. As a rule, melamine is good for the manufacture of countertops. It is resistant to moisture, heat and other negative climatic factors. This table will last a long time.

Moreover, if you intend to play outdoors in the summer, and bring the tennis table indoors at night. Then it is better for you if the indoor table tennis table folds quickly and compactly. Hence, for these reasons, attention should be paid to its weight.

What is the expected level of players?

Based on this parameter, you need to determine which table is needed - for an amateur game or competitions?

Amateur tennis tables can have a tabletop made of different materials (chipboard, MDF or fiberboard). They are not suitable for installation in outdoor conditions, as they are afraid of water. Ideal for schools, holiday homes and offices. Not licensed by the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) for competition. Moreover, tabletop thickness ranges from 16 to 19 mm, weight from 50 to 70 kg.

Moreover, professional and club tennis indoor table tennis table are massive, excellent workmanship, reliability and design. Tabletop thickness from 22 to 28 mm, weight from 100 to 140 kg. Despite the large weight, they are easy to install, with one movement you can fold both halves of the table (put them vertically on a massive base), they easily move on rollers equipped with bearings.

What countertop standard to follow?

Table top standard 25-28 mm - these are the tables on which professional players train and play. Tables with a smaller tabletop standard - 22 mm, as a rule, are intended for sports clubs, tennis schools and halls.

Moreover, by answering these questions, you will compile a list of criteria by which you will find the perfect indoor table tennis table for you. Hence, it remains to choose a manufacturer.

Good luck and win-win games for you!

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