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How to Choose A Table Tennis Table for The Room?

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date May 09, 2022
Table Tennis Table

Greetings to all athletes and sports lovers with ball and racket! We sincerely want you to know how to choose a table tennis table.

There will be no imposition of expensive products. This is not an advertisement, but a practical guide. With the help of our instructions, you will understand the main characteristics and make the right decision yourself!

Choose a tennis table that matches the location

In parks, recreation areas and sports fields recommend to install anti-vandal tennis tables. Otherwise, their longevity is in jeopardy. In such models there is no folding system. They are completely stationary.

The table is securely fixed, usually by means of concreting. The construction is heavy duty and heavy. It makes table tennis table hard to damage and impossible to steal. The top is either concrete or has a fairly thick layer of melamine. Mesh metal.

Outdoor ping-pong tables - if the placement is a plot next to a private house.

An all-weather tennis table, ideal for the outdoors

These tables are all-weather. They withstand the effects of precipitation, and some can survive the winter. We have already considered such tennis tables in the rating. Now we will help you choose them. This is the subject of most of our article.

Tennis tables for indoors - they, as a rule, do not have anti-vandal and all-weather properties. They design for gentle operating conditions.

Such table tennis table is bought for a private home, entertainment center, gym or professional club. These models are for amateur play, training and professional. Occupations are drastically different.

All-weather tennis table top

The material and quality of the canvas directly affects the game characteristics: rebound, speed and rotation of the ball. There are two types of countertops:

Melamine boar: Melamine is a denser and more homogeneous material. It is durable, provides better gaming performance. The table-top comes with thickness from 4 to 10 mm. The thicker - the better will be. It will be noticeable by the behavior of the ball on the tennis table.

Invest in a table with a melamine surface

An all-weather table tennis table means that it does not need to remove from the street under any conditions. On models with an aluminum panel and plastic, a six-month warranty is usually given. This suggests that the table, most likely, will not be able to serve for a long time.

Often, after wintering, deformation of the countertop appears. It suffers from corrosion. It is no longer possible to play normally on such a surface.

If you're looking for durable construction for quality gaming, invest in a table with a melamine surface.

Table top thickness: which table tennis table is better?

The minimum thickness of the table top is 4 mm, the maximum is 10 mm. If the melamine surface is thick enough (8-10 mm), it provides excellent playing performance. Such tables can compare with professional ones made of wood and designed for halls.

The thickness of the tabletop directly affects the cost of the tennis table. The thicker the melamine layer, the better and more expensive your choice will be.

Durability and stability of the tennis table design

The thicker the board, the heavier it is. This means that the structure must be stronger. Otherwise, the table will be unstable. It will begin to stagger due to the flimsy frame. It withstands the weight of the playing canvas. The design of table tennis table equips with additional crossbars and amplifiers.

Durability also affects pricing. Even from the photographs it is easy to see that the more expensive and advanced models have a more massive and more stable design.

Compact and foldable table tennis table

We analyze the compactness and folding system of the tennis table as a selection criterion.

The simplest and most budgetary tennis tables equip with a not very convenient folding system. It takes two people to fold the structure. Such folding cannot be called compact. The table reaches a height of 180 cm.

Most folding tennis tables fold quite simply. Such an operation can be done even by one person. Imported German and French tables fold very conveniently and quickly. Designs equip with rollers to move them comfortably.

How to choose a table tennis table for the room?

Table Tennis Table 2022

Do you want to work out in the gym? The choice of indoor tennis table depends on the level of the players. Here, the gaming characteristics of the playing canvas are extremely important.

The table top comes of chipboard or MDF. Sometimes there are titanium or aluminum layers. This increases strength and hardness. The safety margin will come in handy if you will often transport the table.

Remember! The thicker the tabletop, the better the playing characteristics will be. But thick and heavy surfaces require a reinforced frame.

The legs and frame of a good indoor table tennis table are made from high quality steel. The design usually has wheels. The mesh can remove and replace if necessary. Some models, like all-weather ones, have cells where rackets and tennis balls conveniently store.

It is better to choose a frame with additional crossbars to ensure stability.

Choosing a tennis table for the room depending on the level of players

Conventionally, tables are divided into 3 categories:

  • Amateur: The thickness of the top of simple and inexpensive tennis tables is usually up to 22 mm. This is a good option for a holiday home. It may be suitable for a non-specialized school. Tables install even in offices.
  • Training: table tennis table top thickness from 22 to 25 mm. You can already train on such tables. They are suitable for the table tennis section, sports club. Licensing is not expected, competitions on such tables are not held.

Determine your goals before buying

You are an amateur and sometimes want to play for your own pleasure. You don’t have to spend money. There are inexpensive table tennis table. Athletes advise to personally consult before buying. If you know what the ball bounce should be, the countertop must meet the requirements.


Now you know the main features and possibilities of tennis tables for the street, cottages and indoors. It remains to find a model for your tasks and budget.

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