Folding Table Tennis Table

Why Is Folding Table Tennis Table Best for Outdoor?

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date May 09, 2022
Folding Table Tennis Table

Playing table tennis outdoors is a great idea for leisure time in the country. It is especially convenient if the tennis table does not need to be collected after each game and put away in the house. I'll tell you how to choose a folding table tennis table that is not afraid of temperature changes, rain and direct sunlight.

Table tennis table: countertop material

For all-weather tables, the game board is usually made from melamine or aluminum, less often from PSF: plywood glued with formaldehyde glue. We will analyze in detail each material and its characteristics.

Why Melamine is the best outdoor table material?

The markings on it do not fade, scratches do not remain, the plate itself is not deformed. Certified table with melamine board does not emit toxic substances when heated in the sun, it is safe.

The aluminum coating in folding table tennis table is also resistant to damage, but the markings may fade over time. The ball bounces off an aluminum-coated table with more noise than a melamine-coated table. If the table is near the house, the sound will be reflected from the wall.

FSF - the material is resistant to moisture, but does not withstand serious rains. It is better to store the table under a canopy or, for example, in a garage. An all-weather table with a playing plate made of FSF cannot be considered, but the game on it is most similar in quality to the hall one.

There are also anti-vandal tables with a concrete playing slab, but it makes no sense to talk about them in detail. They are installed in public places.

  • Melamine
  • Aluminum

Folding table tennis table: game board thickness

The quality of the game depends not only on the material of the playing plate, but also on its thickness. The thicker the plate, the higher and more uniform the ball will bounce off the table.

The minimum thickness is 4 mm. Aluminum tables are never thicker. Melamine boards can be up to 10 mm thick, this ensures the best bounce of the ball. FSF playing plates are the thickest - up to 15 mm.

Frame design and strength of folding table tennis table

The thicker the tabletop, the heavier it is. Therefore, the frame must be strong to support the weight of the table and at the same time remain stable.

To make the frame last longer, choose folding table tennis table with anti-corrosion treatment. If the table needs to be washed, I recommend not to water it with a hose, but to wipe it with a damp cloth. Then the water will not get into the attachment points, where the processing could be of less quality, and the table will not start to rust.

See that there are as few planks and crossbars as possible right under your feet. Then during the game, you will move more freely and definitely not hit anything.

Requirements for Legs and stability

There are also many requirements for folding table tennis table legs, stability and ease of transportation depend on their quality.

  • Compensators for uneven floors. Since there is not always a perfectly flat platform for the table in the summer cottage, it is very important that it has floor unevenness compensators. Then you can align all the legs in height and the table will not swing.
  • Leg thickness. The thicker the legs, the stronger and more stable they are. It is good if the base of the legs is of a large diameter.
  • Transport wheels. The larger their diameter, the easier it is to move the table. Massive double wheels are the perfect solution. Folding table tennis table have stoppers so that the table does not move.
  • Grid for country tennis table. The outdoor table nets are made of a synthetic material that won't tear or warp from being outdoors. Choose nets that are adjustable in height and tension.
  • Grids can be removable and non-removable. The non-removable mesh is more convenient because it folds with the table, so you won't accidentally tear it when you fold the table, and it won't get lost.

Table tennis table: safe folding mechanism

Folding Table Tennis Table 2022

Tabletops are quite heavy, so if you have children or pets, be sure to choose a table with a secure folding system. Folding table tennis table will not allow the countertop to arbitrarily open or fall on a person.

Another advantage of a safe system: for a single game, half of the playing field can be placed not perpendicular to the ground, but at an angle. Then the game will be harder and more interesting.

Protective case

To make the table last as long as possible, I advise you to buy a protective cover. It will protect the surface of the table from precipitation and mechanical damage. It is better to choose covers that can be put on both folded and disassembled tables.

What to look for when choosing folding table tennis table?

  • It is best to choose a table with a melamine top - it is a reliable, non-capricious material with good gaming capabilities.
  • The thicker the playing plate, the better and more predictable the ball will bounce.
  • The frame must be strong and stable, especially if the countertop itself is thick. Compensators for uneven floors and legs are responsible for stability - the thicker they are, the better.
  • The safety of the table is very important. Buy a product with a secure unfolding system and transport wheels that have stoppers.

If table tennis occupies an important place in a person's life, regardless of whether he is professionally engaged in it or at an amateur level, but regularly, then sooner or later the question of buying folding table tennis table the game will arise. In this regard, this sport is very simple, it requires only three things: a table, rackets and balls.

The quality and the level of satisfaction

The choice of a table should be approached with all responsibility, because the quality of the game and the level of satisfaction of the players will depend on it.

To begin with, when choosing, you should decide on the location of the table. If it is supposed to be placed in an apartment or other room, then it is worth considering folding table tennis table that are created specifically for this. The difference between outdoor tables and indoor tables lies in the materials from which the tables are made and their properties.

An indoor table does not have to have such parameters as all-weather and moisture resistance, except when the room is not heated and is more of a symbolic fence of the table from the environment.

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