How to clean billiard table

How to clean billiard table? DIY Guide 2022

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date Apr 26, 2022

How to clean billiard table? Choosing a billiard table is not an easy task, but its maintenance requires increased attention to detail, special care and regular cleaning. During the game, stains and scuffs remain on the table from the hands of the players, from drinks, food, billiard chalk, cigarettes. 

The content of the article

  • Billiard cloth cleaning
  • Cleaning other table elements
  • Cue and Ball Care
  • Dry cleaning of tables
How to clean billiard table

You can clean the product both with the help of specialists and at home, the main thing is to avoid mistakes and use professional cleaning products.

Billiard cloth cleaning

The billiard table cloth is most susceptible to pollution - stubborn stains can form on it, which require a special approach to remove. To avoid the fight against stubborn dirt, regular preventive cleaning recommends.

How to clean billiard table? For regular cleaning, 3 types of brushes can uses:

  • horsehair brush;
  • nylon brush;
  • Combined brush (with long and short pile).

The first option is the most expensive, the second is economical, and the third is suitable for infrequent simple cleaning. To remove dust and remnants of billiard chalk from the cloth, you need to use a brush to make several movements along the pile of the cloth towards the sides. Next, you need to remove debris through the holes of the pockets.

Always memorize important precautions during cleaning the table

How to clean billiard table? After cleaning with a brush, it is worth wet cleaning the table. For these purposes, a microfiber cloth or any other fabric that does not leave streaks and lint is ideal.

 Moisten the cloth with water or a special cloth cleaner, and then wring it out well so that it remains only slightly damp. Do not forget about hard-to-reach places where a lot of dust accumulates, for example, the corners of a billiard table. 

Important: after wet cleaning, do not forget to smooth the cloth pile with a brush. 

How to clean billiard table? Vacuuming the cloth is risky, as you can accidentally stretch the cloth and leave wrinkles. It is better to vacuum the corners of the table and the edges near the sides, where a lot of dust collects. The main thing is to use a thin nozzle.

Cleaning other table elements

The more expensive the billiard table, the more careful care its wooden elements require. As a rule, wood is covered with a special varnish that protects it from damage and drying out.

It is better to wipe the sides, legs and other wooden parts of the table with a soft cloth. It polishes perfectly and leaves no scratches behind. As a cleaning agent, you need to use specialized solutions without the content of:

  • abrasives;
  • solvents;
  • Chlorine. 

How to clean billiard table? To clean the pockets, you can use a vacuum cleaner, or remove dust with a damp microfiber cloth. The vacuum cleaner must uses carefully, using a narrow nozzle. 

Cue and Ball Care

Care of the cue begins with its proper storage - the cue should be in a specialized case. This will protect it from drying out or excess moisture, as well as from temperature changes. In addition, while the cue is in the case, it is protected from dust and other contaminants.

How to clean billiard table? When cleaning the cue, it is important to pay attention to the sticker - if it is damaged, and then there is a chance that the cue will catch on the cloth, leaving wrinkles or tears on it. 

How to clean billiard table felt

Due to damage to the surface of billiard balls, damage can also occur to the surface of the cloth. It is very important not only to properly care for them, but also to store them.

What should we do after use the billiard table? 

How to clean billiard table? Firstly, do not leave the balls on the table after the game, it is better to use special boxes. Secondly, the balls should not be exposed to light for a long time, especially sunlight. 

Billiard balls can be cleaned with special polishes that help remove minor damage. You can easily wipe the balls from dust and dirt with a damp cloth or with a cloth moistened with alcohol. You can also use a special machine to clean the balls, which makes them smooth and clean.

Dry cleaning of tables

How to clean billiard table? It is possible to carry out a general cleaning of the billiard table in compliance with all precautionary measures at the hands of professionals. Chemical cleaning of the table with the use of professional products will help to cope with heavy dirt, stubborn stains and minor imperfections. 

Buying a billiard table is a very important undertaking. It is necessary to take into account many nuances, ignoring which will spoil the impression of the purchase and the future game. But you can be calm - from this text you will learn all the necessary information.

The choice of billiards is determined by several factors. Among them are the type of game, the size of the game room, the parameters of the table and the price. Let's consider each of them.

Billiard room collections

How to clean billiard table? The billiard table must stand firmly and motionless, so the ideal composition of the floors for it is concrete. Wood flooring may also work, but needs to be tested. Each of the 8 legs of a billiard table takes on a weight of 80 - 100kg, which is close to the weight of an adult.

 If your floor doesn't sag or creak under you, then there shouldn't be a problem. However, we recommend a professional approach. Employees of the Planet Billiards store will come and check your floor for free, just call us.

What kind of special light needs for billiards rooms?

How to clean billiard table? For playing billiards, simple room lighting is not suitable, so you will need a special lamp. The installation of such a lamp requires a certain height of the ceilings in the room; the optimal one is from 2.5 meters.

At this distance, the lamp will be at the level of the players' eyes and provide uniform illumination of the playing field. If you hang the lamp higher, the light will hit directly into the eyes. If lower - part of the billiards will remain in the shade.

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