How to measure a billiard table

How to measure a billiard table? Practical Guide

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date Apr 26, 2022

How to measure a billiard table

How to measure a billiard table? The billiard table is an object that not uses only for the practice of this game, in fact it is a product that has its own charm and, when you have particularly large houses, decorated with luxurious styles, they are never lacking.

How to measure a billiard table 2022

How to measure a billiard table? For those who love to play billiards, but do not have large amounts to spend and little space available, there is a solution, the folding model. These are objects that are easily found on the market, of many types and styles, such as the transformable model.

The regulatory size of a pool table

The billiard tables, in order to play a game that fully respects the rules of this sport, must have regulatory measures. These must respect the 2 × 1 ratio, i.e. one side must be exactly double the other. The short side is usually the smaller side, but there are also exceptions.

In the 4 corners and in the middle of the long sides there will be holes, 6 in total, which can reduce to 4 (keeping only those in the corners) in some cases. See details.

Which one to choose

How to measure a billiard table? There are some aspects to be carefully analyzed before proceeding with the purchase of this product The dimensions, the materials uses to manufacture them and the presence of accessories are only the most important that will guide us in choosing the best product for us. Let's see them in detail.

1. The dimensions

The measurements of a pool table can sometimes be cumbersome. Usually, in professional models, they are around 2 meters x 1 meter. However, there are folding versions that can close when not in use, which allow you to significantly reduce the size. The best tables are those not too heavy, which can be moved more easily.

2. The materials

How to measure a billiard table? The central part of this product, the one where the balls will roll, is made with a slate top, the same material used for blackboards, above which a soft felt cloth, usually green in color, will place.

It is imperative that this is completely tense, so as not to create problems during the game. The supporting structure of the table will instead be made of wood, the quality of which will vary in relation to the prestige of the table itself.

3. Presence of accessories

How to measure a billiard table? To play billiards, as well as at the table, you also need a cue and balls. These can include in the basic kit supplied with the product, where the plaster to pass on the tip of the cue and the triangle to correctly position the balls, at the beginning of the game, may also appear.

The greater the number of accessories present, the lower the expense to purchase everything necessary to start playing at the green table.

We should calculate the room ratio before buying the billiard table

How to measure a billiard table? It doesn't matter if you are buying billiard tables for commercial use or planning to make a billiard room in your home - in both cases, for a comfortable and enjoyable game,

You need to correctly calculate the ratio of the size of the billiard room to the size of the billiard table. It is this parameter that will be decisive when choosing equipment for billiards, since it most of all affects the convenience and comfort of the game.

There are special tables with which you can determine the size of the billiard table for the minimum space allotted.

However, before turning to the tables, it is worth considering a number of rules in accordance with which a billiard table should install.

What should be the size of the billiard room?

How to measure a billiard table? The size of the room for a billiard table should not be less than the size of the table plus the length of the cue. If you do not follow this rule, then it will be extremely inconvenient to make blows from the side along a perpendicular trajectory, or shortened cues will have to uses in such areas.

The rules “billiard table size + cue size” can only follow in a private billiard room; in a club, the size of the billiard room should be slightly larger.

 The size of the room can be calculated as follows

 How to measure a billiard table? The length of the cue adds to the size of the billiard table (for the American pool - 145 cm, for the Asian pyramid - 155 cm), as well as the distance that the player needs to swing - 30-50 cm It should be borne in mind that between the tables there will be a sufficient distance of 120 cm.

How to measure a billiard table

Billiard table sizes: American pool, snooker

We remind you: the size of the billiard table will depend on which game you prefer. Pool, snooker and Asian pyramid have different sizes. European billiard table measures 6 to 12 feet, American pool billiard table measures 6-9 feet, and snooker table measures 10-12 feet.

In any case, to install the table, you need free space (without columns and fireplaces) of at least 4x5 m. Well, if the size of the billiard table is 10 feet or the size of the billiard table is 12 feet, then the minimum space requires will be 5x7 m.

Does the size of a table have importance for billiard lovers?

How to measure a billiard table? You should not put a smaller size in the billiard table than requires for your favorite type of game, allocating additional space for sofas and shelves. Of course, it assumes that the dimensions of the Asian billiard table will be 7 feet.

How to measure a billiard table? At the same time, we want to warn the owners of billiard clubs from wanting to put a table a little larger than the room allows, simply because, the inconsistency of the billiard table with the size of the room will only lead to inconvenience during the game and reduce interest in billiards.

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