How to clean billiard table felt 2022

How to clean billiard table felt? Easiest Tips

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date Apr 26, 2022

How to clean a billiard table felt from stains?

How to clean billiard table felt? If you have a pool table, then be prepared for the fact that you have to constantly call dry cleaning, and this is a very expensive pleasure.

How to clean billiard table felt 2022

 These are wine, beer, juices, and greasy stains. I’ll tell you how to clean billiard table felt them yourself.

Where we can buy standard soft soap products?

You can buy products in specialized stores that are simply applied to stains and after a few minutes they are gone.

I'll show you how to clean billiard table felt? with the tools that are in any kitchen. At first I tried to remove the stains with a stiff brush, but it damages the fabric of the table very much. Must, uses very carefully.

The most effective way is any dishwashing detergent and a sponge.

Dilute thick foam cleaner for billiard table

Firstly, apply to the stain, leave to dry. It will increase in size, but it is not fatal. The main things - do not rub the surface, just apply. After drying, small stains will remain, they can be easily removed with a slightly damp microfiber. Here, too, it is important only to get wet, not to rub, not to rub.

A well-groomed and clean billiard table cloth is a prerequisite for a good game and a long service life of the main attribute of a billiard room.

The secrets how to quickly clean pool tables?

How to clean billiard table felt, Many times Small crumbs, dust and other debris inevitably appear on it. Therefore, it is necessary with enviable regularity and thoroughness to rid the velvety surface of any foreign objects. But messing around for hours, cleaning the sides and getting rid of microscopic dust, is troublesome and unpleasant.

 Therefore, it is worth taking the advice of the legendary snooker player Eddie Charlton, who reveals the secrets of cleaning billiard tables.

According to his authoritative opinion, all you need is a suitable brush and an absorbent rag.

How to clean billiard table felt?

We begin the cleaning process, of course, with dry cleaning. To do this, we need a brush made of elastic horsehair or nylon. If you do not want to keep a whole set of brushes, then it is enough to purchase only one - combined, with short and long pile from the ends. It allows not only to clear the main playing field, but also to remove all debris from hard-to-reach places.

 In no case should the brush be wetted, otherwise the crumbled chalk will finally eat into the cloth. The movements of the brush should be jerky and be carried out only in the direction of the pile, brushing off all the debris towards the side.

And only after cleaning the playing field, you can start cleaning the sides, from where all the dirt is swept into the pockets.

What is the first thing to choose to clean billiard?

How to clean billiard table felt? Some people prefer to have several brushes - one for cleaning the playing field, the other for cleaning hard-to-reach places. In this case, the main brush should consist of several rows of elastic bristles or nylon, and the rim brush may be comb-shaped with a comfortable handle with one even row of tufts.

After dry cleaning, wet cleaning is necessary to refresh the surface and get rid of dust. In this case, you will need a rag of a convenient size that retains moisture well and does not leave threads on the velvet cloth. To do this, you can use, as an option, a special kitchen cloth napkin.

The rag must be wetted so that it remains damp, but when squeezed strongly, water does not drip from it.

What steps to take for a clean table?

How to clean billiard table felt?

First, we clean the surface of the sides by unfolding the rag so that it can wrap around the surface completely on three sides. Thus, we not only get rid of dust from the visible part of the protective side, but also internal hard-to-reach places.

How to clean billiard table 2022

After that, you can already start wet cleaning the playing field, for which we will again use the brush, wrapping it with a damp cloth. In one movement in the direction of the pile (from edge to edge), we draw the hard side of the brush over the surface of the table, gradually moving from left to right.

Constant cleaning increases table material’s life

How to clean billiard table felt? To ensure the highest quality game, and to increase the life of the table, regular cleaning of the billiard cloth should be carried out.

 Dust, crumbs, chalk are all the worst enemies of this material, they eat into the fibers and that is why it is important to know and understand what actions can be done, which ones cannot.


  • General rules
  • What Not to Do
  • Ball and cue care

Appropriate billiard table maintenance

How to clean billiard table felt ?A billiard table, even an “average one,” is a rather expensive thing; hardly anyone has the opportunity to regularly purchase a new one, so proper care for it plays a paramount role. Cleaning is carried out in several stages, each of which has a number of nuances.

Important: while the table is inactive, it is necessary to cover it with a clean cloth, preferably with a special cover.

You need to understand how to clean the billiard table

First of all, it is forbidden to start cleaning with a wet brush - only with a dry one, otherwise all the chalk remaining on the cloth will be thoroughly absorbed.

Without wetting the brush, it needs to take jerky steps, it should move along the “growth” of the villi towards the side in order to brush off all the accumulated debris. Only after doing this, you can start cleaning the sides. From them, the dirt must be swept into the pockets.

How to clean billiard table felt? The next step is wet cleaning. Here you will need a rag that retains moisture without leaving lint. The best option is microfiber. It should be wetted, but already being wet, liquid should not drain from it when the fabric is compressed.

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