Custom shuffleboard table

What is a shuffleboard table and what you should know about it?

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date Nov 09, 2022

Our Custom shuffleboard table purchasing guide is great for anybody wanting to purchase an indoor table for personal or business usage.


The standard dimensions for shuffleboard tables, also known as competition tables, are 22 feet in length and 20 inches in width. The cradle, which is the small space encircling the playing field, adds inches to these measurements, bringing them to about 23 feet in length and 31 inches in width.


If you have unique space concerns and want a table that fits perfectly, get one custom-made. Custom shuffleboard tables are constructed to your specifications, including size, wood, pucks, and finishes.

Consider, however, that this will make the table far more costly than a standard table manufactured in one of the manufacturer's standard sizes.

Mini shuffleboard tables

If the only available space in your house is quite little, you should likely select a table of a smaller size. Unless you're a professional or committed shuffleboard player, an 8 to 12-foot table will be fine.

How to Purchase the Finest Shuffleboard Table?

There are so many factors to consider when purchasing a Custom shuffleboard table (or, more accurately, the ideal shuffleboard table) that you may quickly get overwhelmed.


There are several options for the materials used to construct shuffleboards. It's important to do some research into the various types of wood and finishes available for shuffleboard tables since they will significantly affect not just the look but also the overall cost of the table.

The following is a list of the most common materials used to make shuffleboard tables of high quality:

1. Poplar

North American Maplewood

3. White Chestnut

4. European Beech

5. Smooth Canadian Maple

6. Maple

7. Birch

8. Oak

9. Mahogany

Area Texture

Custom shuffleboard table tops are 1.5 to 3 inches thick. The thickness of the board plus sealants and surface finishers is the most frequent metric, therefore it's a decent rule of thumb.

Also, keep in mind that the surface board is not meant to be perfectly level! A shuffleboard table should have a small concavity.


In the past, shuffleboard tables were often constructed from tougher timbers and their surfaces were finished with shellac or lacquer. Because the surface materials were put in thin layers, the table itself required frequent recoating to protect the wood. In addition, early lacquers were shown to be toxic.

Epoxy and polyurethane are two examples of synthetic polymers that are used in modern surface treatments. With these materials, a hardwood foundation, and sturdy construction, your table will be able to withstand more impacts without denting.

Additional Considerations Before Purchasing a Shuffleboard Table


Pucks, also known as weights, are required for shuffleboard and are capped with hard plastic caps. The finest quality pucks are crafted from chrome-plated strong steel and are properly balanced for control and speed.

Shuffleboard bowling is a fun game that emphasizes skill and control more than traditional bowling. They are typically constructed of solid wood and come with a setter, or triangle, for placing them on the table.

There are two sizes of pucks available:

Standard Pucks

The standard puck size is 2 5/16 inches. Regulation pucks are better suited for regulation-sized tables, as well as any table larger than 14 feet.

Medium Pucks

Medium-sized pucks have a 2 1/8-inch diameter. They are ideally suited for smaller tables, ranging in length from the shortest available to around 14 feet.


As you likely know, temperature fluctuations cause wood to expand or contract, which means that seasonal changes and air humidity will affect your table

Climate adjusters will allow you to modify the convexity or concavity of your table. This is a matter of personal opinion (outside of professional situations, of course), although the majority of individuals like slightly concave tables to prevent pucks from flying off the edges.


Not all shuffleboard tables are constructed the same. Many current Custom shuffleboard table manufacturers produce laminated tables, which are suitable for commercial usage but lack the "feel" desired by shuffleboard enthusiasts. These restaurants may choose particleboard or even MDF-made cabinets, so the owners won't be too upset if the tables get a bit worn due to frequent usage.


Why not complete the deal with a shuffleboard score meter if you already have a gorgeous hardwood shuffleboard table and a set of high-quality pucks? A specialized piece of equipment makes keeping score considerably more formal than just a piece of paper.

There are a variety of score meters, ranging from computerized devices with a wealth of possibilities to exquisite wood-and-brass meters where the meter is slid as in the past. Several of them, however, need installation into your table, so choose carefully.


When deciding where to purchase a shuffleboard table, you must consider four key factors:

  • They provide an extensive variety of tables.
  • They offer reasonable pricing with no hidden fees or charges.
  • They provide superior customer service throughout the whole purchasing process.
  • Their tables are covered by a guarantee.
  • And if you believe there are no manufacturers who provide these advantages, you are mistaken.


There is a possibility that you already own a Custom shuffleboard table, are interested in having it refinished, and happened onto this tutorial.


All ages may enjoy playing on a shuffleboard table. It is essential to prepare ahead while searching for the ideal shuffleboard table. SZX shuffleboard tables are available in various sizes, materials, and hues. These are just some of the most common types of shuffleboard tables available. It is essential to examine the outcome. There is a high risk of injury while playing on shuffleboard tables, particularly if there are novices present. Choose your shuffleboard table with care, and it will provide you with years of reliable, fun play. The SZX Custom shuffleboard table range is generally recognized as the finest in the business because of its lengthy warranties, unique game features, and unparalleled performance.

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