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Some basic knowledge about corn orifice plate set

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date Nov 09, 2022

The Corn Orifice Plate set is the most prevalent kind of pressure-based flow element. This is only a piece of metal that has been drilled in the center to provide a passageway for the liquid to pass through. Orifice plates are commonly positioned such that they are sandwiched between two flanges of a pipe junction. This placement makes the orifice plates simple to install and remove:

The orifice plate's principal function is to act as a gauge for determining the overall flow rate of the system. Orifice plate provides instantaneous pressure decreases in the system without the requirement for specialized equipment or a mechanical switch. Because the orifice plates are so effective, you'll often see them incorporated with restriction plates.

How exactly does the orifice plate conduct its job?

A flat piece of metal that has a hole in the middle and is used as an orifice is called an orifice plate. It also comes as a Corn Orifice Plate set.  The plate is attached to the device so that fluid or gas passing via the pipe is expelled from the orifice plate, which has microscopic holes. The decrease in pressure that results from the obstruction in the flow is caused by the limitation.

Different varieties of orifice plates

Typical designs for orifice plates include:

  • Concentric orifice plate
  • Eccentric orifice plate
  • Segmental orifice plate
  • Orifice plate with a quadrant-edge cut

Concentric orifice plate

The most straightforward and inexpensive method for measuring head pressure is to use a concentric orifice plate with a sharp edge. Stainless steel is the typical material used in its construction. When a material with a good corrosive resistance quality is required, other materials like as nickel, Monel, and others are employed. The precision of orifices of this kind is very good.

Eccentric orifice plate

It is comparable to the concentric orifice plate, with the exception that it has an offset hole that is drilled tangential to a circle. Because of the location of the hole, it is not possible for foreign particles or solid materials to accumulate, which makes the device ideal for measuring fluids that include suspended solid particles. When compared to the concentric orifice plate, the eccentric orifice is not as precise and has a much higher number of unknown variables. It is used in situations in which the liquid contains a significant quantity of gas that has been dissolved in it.

Segmental orifice plate

The same kinds of applications as an eccentric orifice plate may be found for this item's utilization. It has a hole in it that is shaped like a quarter of a circle. It is used with fluid that has a greater concentration of solid particles in it. They come in at a higher price point than the peculiar orifice.

Orifice plate with a quadrant edge

This kind is used for faults in viscous flows, crudes, and slurries among other types of dense fluids. It has rounded corners that come together to create a quarter circle. They serve a vital use in pipes that have a small diameter (less than 2 inches). When gases are measured, a drain hole is either supplied or situated at the bottom to enable condensate to flow through and prevent the condensate from building up at the orifice plate. Similarly, a vent hole is positioned at the top of the measuring device for liquids so that gases may travel through and the gas pocket can be avoided.

Orifice plates provide several benefits, including:

  1. It is simple to produce orifice plates. The requirements that need to be followed to create the plates are easily accessible.
  2. The plates' construction comes at a reasonable price. The cost of the item has not changed much. Even if you make it substantially larger, the price will not go up too much even in that case.
  3. You do not need any specific tools to install the Orifice plates.
  4. The Corn Orifice Plate set is manufactured using a variety of different kinds of materials. You can choose the kind of metal, based on your requirements, and then build the Orifice Plates to meet your specifications.
  5. Study provides a service that is both very effective and extremely efficient, and they guarantee its long-term dependability.
  6. Make it simple for you to determine the volumetric flow rate. Because of the device's ability to drastically reduce the pressure inside the system, it is much simpler to keep the flow rate consistent with the requirements.
  7. Construct the orifice plates in any size, and they will operate properly without any problems and provide the required output.
  8. Because the outcome can be foreseen, selecting the ideal Corn Orifice Plate set does not cause any stress.

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