Pool Table Facts

Top 10 Pool Table Facts That You Can’t Ignore!

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date Mar 08, 2023

Pool is one of the most played international games that is a very popular and interesting sport. It has been played all around the world, especially in Olympics. Pool game became more popular when portable pool tables were introduced in the market. The portable tables were easier to unfold when required and didn't take up the entire room.

Soon in 2014 the 8 ball pool game was launched for everyone. Surprisingly has over one billion downloads. This game is played online and offers multiplayer opponents from all around the world.

As we have summarized the popularity of a pool table game, now we are going to explore the top 10 pool table facts that you can’t ignore.

Pool table facts

Top 10 Facts of Pool Table:

1. Pool Table Measurements: A standard pool table is 9 feet long, 4.5 feet wide, and stands about 2.5 feet tall. People purchase 7ft pool table more than 9 Ft. tables. However, there are also smaller and larger sizes available.

2. In England the first Billiard room was built in 1765 A.D. The pool table had only one pocket and 4 balls built in England.

3. The modern pool table evolved from a game called billiards. It originated in France in the 15th century.

4. The first coin-operated billiard table was publicly launched in 1903.

5. The pool table cloth which is made of wool and nylon or wool and polyester is kept green to resemble with the original game played on the grass.

6. The billiard balls used in pool are traditionally made from ivory, but modern balls are made from a high-quality resin material. Meanwhile the cue ball is typically white and is slightly larger than the other balls.

7. There are sighting markings on the rails of a pool that improve the accuracy to aim your shots. They can be round pearl colored objects, diamonds (most commonly), or other custom shapes

8. There are several different variations of pool, including 8-ball, 9-ball, straight pool, and snooker. Read more about snooker

9. Upon winning the world championship pool players earn pocket money by defeating the opponents. The season's career pool gamers have earned millions of dollars! During international games the players mostly wear formal dressing in black color. 

10. Pool table also consists of cushions that are placed on the wood corners. They are typically made of vulcanized rubber.


In this short article we explored the 10 facts of pool game played on billiard table. Playing pool can have a variety of physical and mental benefits. For example: improved hand-eye coordination, strategic thinking, and stress relief. Because the goal is to deposit each ball in the pocket.

We would like to share you another fact we noticed while manufacturing the billiard table. The size and the height of the table affects the game play. Therefore, a standard height and dimensions of a pool table is set for a professional game play. While manufacturing the pool table we are aware of all the facts and builds out the best table for everyone!

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