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date Nov 11, 2022

Purchasing a Plank rock pool table requires a significant financial commitment. Although it may be fun now, purchasing on the spur of the moment seldom pays off in the long run and usually leads to arguments with significant other or other interested parties. A pool cue is an extension of your arm, and the table is the epicenter of your world while you're playing. Whether you're just a casual player, an aspiring pro, or a professional in a league, you must learn the game at the pool table. Depending on your goals, factors such as size and appearance are crucial. There are many options to think about when purchasing a pool table, just as when purchasing a luxury vehicle. Everything may become confusing if you allow it, but perhaps this guide will help you get your Plank rock pool table search off to a good start.

Forms of Tables

Let's start with the most fundamental component of a Plank rock pool table: the top. This is the basis for all the pool-playing genius you're about to demonstrate. Optimal material selection from the outset will determine success in two major areas: cost and utility.

A good purchase is made after careful consideration of all relevant factors. One in which the purchaser has a firm grasp of their needs wants, and what constitutes a fair deal for them. In common parlance: you get what you pay for. The material of the table should be evaluated first and foremost, whether you're searching for inexpensive recreation or a magnificent showpiece for the most seasoned of players.

As was previously noted, the most important factor to think about when choosing a material is how it will affect the whole experience of playing.

However, pool tables are also an option in the following materials, which are ordered in the order of least costly to most expensive:

  1. Particle Board (MDF) Synthetic Table Slates - As a medium-density fiberboard, it will do the job for now, but it will warp eventually. There is not much you can do to save a table manufactured from this material from the demise that condensation and temperature variations would bring about. MDF is featured on certain high-quality boards that stress a lightweight construction above the durability of slate - slate cabinets must be much more robust to accommodate the increased weight, but MDF tables may have a sleeker form with a smaller footprint.
  2. The honeycomb structure is a compacted surface that resembles a honeybee's comb and is made of layers of hard plastic. Although this design does not easily warp, the playing surface is somewhat rougher than that of other synthetics. Lighter than standard tables, they may easily topple when teamed with cheaply made cabinets.
  3. Slaton, also known as Perm slate, is a material consisting of a thin sheet of condensed and hardened plastic applied to the surface of a particle board. The most costly and long-lasting synthetic material, this is the best of the bunch. This is a fantastic middle ground if you care about quality but aren't quite ready to commit to a "lifetime" slate.
plank rock pool table

Design Considerations for a Pool Table

Pool tables are large pieces of furniture that will draw a lot of attention to themselves, so it's crucial to think about how any possible table will blend in with (or stand out from) its intended environment. Modern and unusual tables may be a wonderful complement to certain settings, but they often need the keen eye of someone careful not to let the furnishings clash. In addition, a quality table should survive for decades, therefore we usually advise being cautious if there is any doubt. Most pool tables may be broken down into three distinct types:


 These are the tables your grandparents probably played on. Typically, they are coated in red or green antique felt and feature a timber frame. The table's legs likely feature a vintage pattern and design similar to those of antique chairs and tables.


Tables classified as "contemporary" often have a modern take on an antique style. The traditional green and red felts have been replaced with more modern blue or even patterned patterns, while the stained hardwood floors have been replaced with polished black finishes.


The tables are a radical departure from the traditional styles. Pedestals will replace the traditional table legs, and there will be a range of pocket styles and felt colors, track lighting, neon lights, and even glass LED top coverings to further emphasize shot angles.

Measurements for a Billiards Table and Its Adjacent Space

  1. First, you need to assess whether you have enough storage before rushing out to buy anything. Most people who are buying a pool table for the first time tend to underestimate the amount of room needed.
  2. Second, there must be sufficient space surrounding the table for players to fire even if the table can fit within the room. If the table will be utilized by both adults and youngsters, you'll need to decide between two different cue sizes. A rack or cabinet to hold spare cues and balls is also desirable.
  3. Third, although 7-foot tables (7' x 3'6") are standard in most bars, 8-foot tables are considered professional. If they have the room, most pool table purchasers would go with the bigger size for a more authentic tournament experience. Another thing to think about is that a 7-foot table is the standard size seen in most bars.
  4. The optimal space for an 8-foot pool table, while using conventional 57-inch cues, is around 14 feet by 18 feet. A space of about 13 feet by 17 feet would work well for a 7-foot table. If you're pressed for room, a smart move is to use a shorter pool cue.


If you want to purchase a Plank rock pool table for your house, SZX has the best variety available! Having one pool table requires both time and money. The best way to save money and floor space is to get a Plank rock pool table that can be used for other activities when not in use for the pool. Pool tables that may double as dining tables have several uses.

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