How to buy mini billiards table in 2022? 10 Tips

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date Apr 26, 2022

Instructions on how to choose a standard billiard table

Because the need to play mini billiards table is now quite popular and there are many billiard clubs born to serve the needs. Since then, the number of billiard tables that need to supply to the market has increased.

mini billiards table

So there are many establishments that provide billiard tables also appear more and more. So when buying a pool table, you also need to know how to choose a standard billiard table.

Therefore, before opening a club or wishing to buy a mini billiards table, you need to learn carefully, the basis and the product before buying. And know how to choose a standard pool table that suits your budget.

Here are some experiences in choosing the standard pool table you should refer to be able to choose the most standard pool table

Learn about different types of billiards tables

There are three main types of mini billiards table on the market today: Carom pool table, pool table, and snooker pool table.

In which, pool table is the most common and basic table model chosen by many people. Pool table includes many types such as: 7 feet, 8 feet, 9 feet. Carom billiards table is a 3-ball table with 9 feet and 10 feet types. And the Snooker pool table is also 9 foot and 10 foot table.

So when choosing a pool table, you have to rely on space to choose a large or small table. And based on the need to hit a lot or hit a little to be able to choose the most reasonable pool table.

How to choose a good pool table?

To be able to choose good and distinguishable mini billiards table, it requires the chooser to have experience. Or years of sticking in this sport. If you are a person with little experience or have never been exposed to billiard tables, it is very difficult to choose.

Here are some experiences and ways to choose a standard billiard table you should refer to:

  • First, when buying a pool table, you must choose the right type of table in terms of technical parameters according to international standards.
  • The table top must cover with a fabric made of wool. And properly stretched does not affect the movement of the ball. And this fabric must float when dropped on water.
  • The tape that is the inside of the table must be made of pure solid rubber and will sink when dropped into the water

Instructions how to choose a standard pool table?

Should you choose to buy a use mini billiards table?

An old billiard table is a mini billiards table that has been use, but for some reason no longer uses and wants to liquidate. Many customers think that the old billiard table is the type that people use damaged and no longer use, so they should sell it.

But in fact, old billiards tables are billiard table’s use in a short time that the owner wants to liquidate. So these old billiard tables are still like new, durable and beautiful from 90 to 98%. So should you buy a use billiards table?

Many billiard table business owners have chosen to buy an old billiard table instead of buying a new one.

 How to choose a good pool table?

To have experience, how to choose a good mini billiards table table requires the buyer to have a certain understanding and contact time with the billiard table models. If you are an amateur, this is very difficult for you. Therefore, you should refer to the following notes:

Many customers come to our store to buy old billiards tables for many different reasons. But mainly the cost of buying a new billiard table is very high; many customers can't afford to buy it

2.1. Choose a billiard table with a standard thickness and flatness

The decisive factor with a good billiards table is the absolute flatness of the table, which designs from natural stone slabs with a thickness of 1 inch according to international standards. However, for beginners or just needing to use a cheap billiards table, the acceptable thickness of the stone slab is 3/4 inch.

mini billiards table 2022

A suitable mini billiards table top is usually assembled with 3 stone slabs for easy movement, installation and flatness adjustment. 

In particular, the table top must not sag by more than 0.7mm when directly impacted by heavy objects weighing over 90kg.

2.2. Choose a layer of felt covered fabric with good material

The fabric is cover on the billiard table stone needs to be of high quality, with the main ingredient being 75% wool and 25% nylon. The fabric needs to cover over the entire stone surface, the ice wall and have the right amount of tension so as not to affect the roll of the ball.

 Poor quality fabric selection can interfere with the ball's rolling speed and correct trajectory.

2.3. Table top panel made from standard solid rubber

The edge of the mini billiards table should be made of solid rubber, capable of sinking deeply when dropped into the water. The billiards table is good if, after a period of use, the player does not feel the state of "twitch". 

Especially when hitting the ball hard, the ice needs to have high elasticity so that the billiards bounces back instead of jumping off the table. This will definitely make the player feel uncomfortable and can ruin a ball game.

2.4. Table material from solid wood or MDF

Mini billiards table often have a frame – the table legs are made of solid wood or MDF. In fact, it is very difficult and uncertain as to which type is better than the other. Therefore, you need to carefully consider the material and origin of the wood use for the table. 

Remember, no matter what type you choose, make sure your pool table has a middle frame and two horizontal frames to help distribute the weight of the table evenly.

2.5. Choose the right size billiard table

With that said, the most popular pool table sizes are 7 FT, 8FT and 9FT, so you should consider your needs as well as the area to use to choose the right type of table.

 In addition, the smaller folding mini billiards table models can also be the perfect choice if your house space is too small and it is difficult to place a large table.

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