Mini billiard table

How to play Mini billiard table like professional?

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date Apr 26, 2022

Mini billiard table always loves by many people, especially men. Many stores or individuals want to buy a pool table, but how should you choose to buy? Below, we will show you the experiences of choosing to buy a good billiard table:

Mini billiard table

1. Learn about the pool table

Pool table divides into 3 main types: pool table, carom table, snooker table, hole billiard table, and pool table without net pocket. Pool table is a regular pool table with 9 feet, 8 feet, and 7 feet. 8-foot tables are often use for indoor entertainment, while the tables in shops and clubs are now commonly uses as 9-foot tables.

 The carom table is a 3-ball table or a France table that is available in 9 feet and 10 feet.

 The 9-foot mini billiard table is commonly uses in clubs and the 10-foot table uses in major tournaments. Snooker tables are available in 9 feet and 10 feet. However is 9 feet less uses.

2. Choose a high-quality billiards and billiards table

When buying a billiard table, you should pay attention to the following points:

Buying a standard pool mini billiard table not only helps the entertainment space become professional, but also brings many benefits to users. When buying a standard billiard table, users will be able to easily perform tasks relate to removing, installing, and moving without worrying about the quality of the table affect.

 In addition, with the purchase of a standard billiard table, players can easily perform ball movements, control, and not adversely affect by factors from the table.

  • The billiard table must be absolutely flat.
  • Tables use after a period of time must ensure no shock state.
  • The billiards tables must arrange so that the hitting positions of the muscle hands must be comfortable.

The table setting must be reasonable, ensuring the view for the manager as well as being suitable and balance with the restaurant space.

Option to buy billiards

Balls use to play mini billiard table must use good, long-lasting ones like those from Germany, Belgium… Absolutely do not use Chinese-made balls because of their poor durability, which is easy to get dirty.

Regularly clean the ball to ensure the shine.

3. Choose a reputable and quality billiard table seller

When there is a need to buy billiard table products to serve the needs of entertainment, entertainment and relaxation, consumers should look to reputable and experienced billiard table sales establishments.

When ordering and buying at these billiards-selling establishments, customers not only assure of the quality of the product, but also committed to the after-sales service as well as being use at the most reasonable cost.

Experience choosing to buy a billiard table

  • Easy to disassemble and move

Billiards tables are often very large, heavy and cumbersome. A standard mini billiard table will not be affected by moving or disassembling.

  • Durable, not affected by the environment

The billiard table top is made of natural stone slabs, ensuring absolute flatness; the error is not more than 0.4mm, ensuring no deformation due to the influence of the weather. Table top must not sag more than 0.7mm when impacted by objects weighing over 90kg.

Requirements for billiard table materials

The mini billiard table top coveres with wool fabric and stretches according to the standards so as not to affect the ball track. Fabric of good quality composes of 80% wool and 20% nylon. The tape is made of solid Melin rubber.

When playing Billiards, the ball hits the ice and pops out and doesn't jump. The table is made of fireproof, scratch-resistant plywood.

Billiards bar business models

7.1/ Billiards shop hourly

With this business model, the billiards only specializes in providing regular billiards services and hourly billing. The hourly rate varies depending on the restaurant.

Popular billiards bar model

7.2/ Billiards café

Mini billiard table 2022

In addition to the regular mini billiard table service, the billiards cafe also sells mixed drinks. Equip with tables and chairs for guests to enjoy coffee and play billiards.

Billiards café has 3 types of customers

This is a fairly popular type today, instead of standing and waiting for their turn, customers can play and drink coffee at the same time. Mini billiard table cafe attracts all 3 types of customers, the first is guests who come to play billiards and drink coffee, and secondly guests who only come to play billiards and thirdly, guests who just want to drink coffee.

Having many customer groups will help the shop rotate from one customer to another, diversifying revenue sources.

When trading coffee combine with billiards, you can find people who give up coffee. When taking their coffee, you will usually sponsor mini billiard table and chairs, umbrellas, cups, ... saving quite a bit of capital.

7.3/ Billiards business in the countryside

Mini billiard table is being widely trades not only in the city but also in the surrounding areas and other provinces. If you don't know how to do business, the billiards business is not a bad choice. In order not to be too monotonous, you can combine many different types such as cafe billiards, garden billiards, and billiards restaurants.

 The immediate costs must mention such as: cash, equipment / furniture, staff, additional costs and estimated budget.

The cost of opening a billiards shop

How much capital does it take to open a mini billiard table shop? How much money do you need to invest in opening a billiards club?

After determining the goal, preparing the appropriate capital and pool table, you need to re-estimate a series of other costs to compare with the amount of capital you have, from which to choose the appropriate scale.

 The cost of opening a popular mini billiard table bar will be different from the cost of opening a high-end billiards bar. Depending on the size of your business, you can increase or decrease the following, but there is nothing that cannot be missing when you want to trade billiards.

8.1/ Floor plan

The experience of opening a mini billiard table bar is to need a large space, with floors as possible, but ensure the minimum area between the billiards tables. Large-scale billiards need an area of ​​​​over 200 square meters, to accommodate more than 7 pool tables, not including parking areas and other rooms.

 Small-scale billiards business, on average, only needs about 3 to 4 pool tables, an area of ​​​​from 100 square meters is fine.

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