How to set Billiard table like a professional?

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date Apr 26, 2022

A good set of billiard table in addition to a quality table requires a set of stable quality billiard balls. Because billiard balls often collide with the ice and roll on the fabric, it is necessary to use a good type to limit the risk of damage to the ball, wear to the fabric, etc., and at the same time ensure accuracy after each stroke.

Billiards Table

The accompanying ball should have a clear origin, imported from abroad, the better.

Pool table holes can be made from rubber, plastic or leather. In which, most of the billiard ball grooves will be made from hardwood.

The price of the table matches the quality of the product

A good billiard table besides the overall quality factor, its price is also an extremely important factor. Each different table will have its own price. If you are not a "professional" buyer, chances are you will be "screamed" by the seller at a price higher than the market price and the quality of the table.

Therefore, please refer to the table price of some table models before deciding to buy. If you can go with people who have experience in buying and selling billiards tables, even better.

Buy pool tables at reputable

Finally, to buy a table that is not only good, cheap but also has return policies, long-term warranty and many attractive incentives, choosing to buy a table at a billiards store is the most reasonable.

Here, you will receive more detailed advice and instructions instead of searching for too much information yourself.

How to choose a good billiard table for sale?

If you do not have too much budget to buy a billiard table or want to open a billiards business, buying a liquidated billiards table is quite appropriate Liquidated billiards tables are usually use tables and for some reason, players want to sell it.

Liquidated billiards tables usually have a new level of 85-95% or higher. It is difficult to say whether a liquidated pool table is of good quality or not because this depends on the original quality of the table and the player's use process.

Here is a summary of how to choose a good liquidation billiard.

Determine the flatness of the table top. Do not buy a pool table that has lost its flatness on the table, because this will affect the quality of your own play. It may even cost more money to fix this.

Billiards Table 2022

Check if the stone surface under the billiard table is broken, cracked or not?

Whether, the intact rubber band wall is highly elastics. Try several muscle lines to determine this.

Is the tablecloth worn, torn or lacking in aesthetics?

The frame - table legs still solid it is shaken, termite or unbalanced?

Identify information about the billiard table such as table brand, origin, time of use. If the buyer can provides invoices or related documents, the entire better.

Billiards table or Pool table / Billiards are the main product to prepare when opening a billiards shop. This is a wide, flat table for the billiards court. The billiards table is made of slate and covered with a smooth woven wool fabric, surrounded by a rubber padded edge to prevent the ball from rolling out.

On the billiards table, there is 1 cue ball and other marbles of different colors. Players use billiard sticks to push the marbles on the table to score points in the competition.

2. Popular types of Pool table

2.1. Pool table

Billiards billiard table, also known as Billiards Pool Table, is a type of pool table with mesh pockets. The billiard table has 6 holes, with a mesh pocket below to support the marbles. 4 holes place in the 4 corners of the table, and 2 holes in the 2 long sides of the table. The table top is made of high-quality materials, with a high smoothness that makes the marbles easy to move and the lines of the ball more accurate.

Pool table is the most popular type of billiard table, available in different sizes such as 9 feet, 8 feet and 7 feet...

 8 ball, 9 ball, 10 ball, or one pocket billiards, bank pool, straight pool, snooker can play on this table. Depending on the number of marbles, there will be different ways to play.

The standard 6-hole pool table has the following dimensions:

  • Height: 75 - 80 cm
  • Tape Height: 3.6 - 3.7 cm
  • Table size: 142 x 284 cm
  • Dimensions to cover the whole table: 168 x 310 cm

The stone billiard table top is 2.54cm thick; the error is not more than 0.4mm.

  • hole billiard table
  • Pool table model

Carom billiards table

Carom billiards or flat billiards is a billiard table with no holes. The table top is smooth and has no ball holes. The edge of the table pushes higher than the table surface so that the marbles contact and form beautiful marble lines. The playing balls are only 2 sizes and only 1 or 2 target balls.

Carom table or France 3-ball table has 2 types of 9 feet and 10 feet. The 9-foot table is commonly use in Pool clubs and the 10-foot table is often use in major tournaments. Carom billiards table size is usually 310 x 170cm.

The billiard table legs are sturdy, made of durable iron material. The table frame is solid, highly durable and absolutely anti-vibration, helping to make the balls go more accurately.

There are several types of Carom billiards with different rules and scoring methods such as:

Mini pool table

Mini pool table is a small size table, use as a toy for families with young children. The mini billiards table still retains the same structure as the sample billiard table, with 6 holes, a smooth surface, a smaller set of balls and sticks. With its compact size, the mini billiard table is an interesting toy that cans carries easily when traveling to entertain family and friends.

The size of the mini pool table does not follow any standard. The size of the mini table is suitable for each person's entertainment needs.

 The popular mini pool table has a length of 50-120cm, a width of 30-90cm.

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