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How Sisal Dartboard is Manufactured?

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date Jul 20, 2022

Sisal Dartboard is generally made of two sheets of thin, woven sisal fibers glued to a round backing board. The layer of fibers is mostly tight and unvarying to ensure that the dart is not stalled in its flight.
A dartboard is composed of a circular base and a layer of firmly overextended and trimmed sisal fibers. It is classically constructed from cork as well, which serves to hold the darts in place while also providing some padding. Sisal provides the most consistent surface for throwing darts, but other materials can be used too.

Sisal is a plant-based material that has been used for centuries for manufacturing items such as rope and furniture.

Manufacturing Procedure of Sisal dartboard:

The sisal plantations are typically in Africa, but there are others in parts of China and South America. The leaves of the sisal plant are garnered and stripped of their external covering. Then the leaves are squeezed for the sake of gathering their natural liquids and the fibers, combined together. These meter-long strands of fiber are then put into the sun for letting them to dry naturally. These procedures are carried out close to the fields where the leaves are collected. 

The sisal strands are put into a classified combing machine, which then goes through a series of stages. It is then pulled through a second machine, which rolls the sisal like a never-ending cigarette. This roll which is about 5 inches in diameter is then sliced across into what is known as biscuits. These biscuits are about 1 inch thick and are very even. The next process is to press the board. This is done on a flatbed press, which is oval in shape. Inside this press, the bands of steel are placed which surround the board Then inside the bands the sisal biscuits are placed, and the number of biscuits controls the hardness or softness of the finished product. 

The subsequent step is to cover the biscuits with glue and place them on the wooden backboard. When this is done the press is started and compresses the sisal until it is flawlessly round. The glue used has a very fast prompting rate and it can be removed from the press instantly so the next one can be made. The board is then put through a wide belt sander to level and remove any loose strands of sisal leaves. This treatment also makes the surface very flat so that the next step, which is to screen print the colors, gives the board a nice clean image. 

The final step is to wire the board into its diverse segments and fit the number ring. Up to only a few years ago the wire used has always been 1.6 mm spring steel for the whole wire organization. Now many producers use thin blades for all or part of the wiring system, which averts many of the bouncing darts that were so commonplace in the traditional wiring technique.

Dimensions and Sizes of Sisal Dartboard:

Sisal Dartboard dimensions and sizes are similar no matter if you are after a standard novice dartboard or an expert dartboard, with the exact similar regulation dartboard size being 17¾ inches or 45.1cm in width, even though you may occasionally see this rounded up to 18 inches or 45.7cm.

In terms of wideness, a dartboard sits 1.5 inches, or 3.81cm, out from the wall or stand on which it is riding.

Height of a Sisal Dartboard from the Floor:

Knowing how elevated a sisal dartboard is vital, as it assures that the dart board you are using is at a height that is constant with other boards you may play on. The authorized dartboard height is 5ft 8in, or about 173cm from floor to center of the bullseye.

When it comes to placing the board at the regulation height there are diverse options available. You can easily attain the suggested dartboard height off the floor by using a portable dartboard stand. These stands are swift and easy to set up and takedown which is perfect if you plan to store the board away when it is not in use. On the other hand, you may desire a wall-mounted set-up that offers a more lasting solution as you would find in most pubs and other avenues. If this is your favored option, then pinpoint dartboards are supplied with hanging bracket accessories that make hanging up a dartboard straightforward.

How Long a Sisal Dartboard Will Last?

A common question that comes to the user’s mind frequently is how long should a dartboard last with proper maintenance and due attention. The answer to this question is that a sisal dartboard should usually endure approximately 250.000 darts, but there is no hard and fast rule for this, it could be more or less. This question is similar to asking a car tyre company how long the specific car tyers are expected to last. If the car is out of alignment and requires a wheel balance, then surely those tyres would not last for a long time and would not be safe as well for obvious reasons.

Benefits of Having a Sisal Dartboard:

Sisal dartboards provide a natural alternative to synthetic or plastic materials and can be recycled, so it is a decent option if you do not want to bring toxic materials into your home. This type of dartboard is also best known for its robustness, as it is made from sisal which provides outstanding durability against dart throws. And the ultra-thin wiring is best for precise accuracy.

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Playing dartboard games is pure joy for adults and children to amuse themselves together and sisal dartboard makes it more fun. Additionally, it is also a way of communication between children and adults. It also has the tendency to help children synchronize their eyes, and hands movement with their brain instructions and improve their thinking. We try our best to meet the expectations of our customers, so do not miss this opportunity to shop with us for some of the best sports goods.

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