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Everything About Ping Pong Tables

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date Jul 20, 2022

Ping pong is a thinking man’s sport. There is so much to study about strategies, proper practice, equipment, and proper training approaches. You can learn from the best by studying the pros through videos and interviews. Among other important decisive factors, ping pong tables are the most vital ones. The quality of these tables plays a vital role in the quality of the game and augments the strength of the player.

All About Ping Pong:

Like most other sports, table tennis had modest commencements as a “parlor game,” open to anyone with admission to a table, paddle, and ball. The game was initiated in the 1880s when lawn tennis players altered their game to play indoors during the winter.

The game rapidly wedged on, and as early as 1901, tournaments were being conducted with over 300 contestants. The Ping-Pong Association was formed but was given a new name The Table Tennis Association in 1922. The game speedily gained approval not only in England but also in Germany, Hungary, Sweden, Denmark, India, and a whole host of other countries that just could not get enough of the game.

Today, the sport both in England and abroad is very well recognized and is growing each year. The peak of this game has been its acknowledgment as an Olympic Games sport, being included for the first time in the 1988 games in Seoul. Media reporting of the men’s singles final attracted an unbelievable worldwide audience of 2 billion. In China, the game is played by factually millions at work, in school, and in community parks. Today, Chinese top players are considered national heroes with pop star standings.

The Commencement of Ping Pong Tables: 

In the beginning, the ping pong tables that we are adapted to were nowhere to be seen, and fanatics as an alternative played on billiards tables, dining tables, or even rows of books! Players would set up a net in the middle of the table and even occasionally used books as an improvised paddle. Clearly, the equipment and resources available at the time were not closely as progressive as what we have now, but human resourcefulness and creativity always showed up to save the day. And then with the advent of time and advancement of technology, proper game tables were designed, manufactured, and brought forward.

Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Ping Pong Table:

Shopping for ping pong tables can be an unnerving assignment. There are many choices to choose from and there is not really the best table for everyone. We will try to help you find the one that best suits your specific requirements.

Ask yourself if you need an indoor table or an outdoor table. Do you go for design or durability? Are you buying it for yourself or for your children? Do you need portability? Would you like to have racket holders? How important is the superiority of the bounce?

Considerations to Consider:

You need to consider the following things in your mind before buying ping pong tables:

  • Table Size: Ping pong tables can come in numerous sizes but there is only one endorsed regulation size. Here you can find both regulation/standard-sized tables and non-regulation/non-standard tables. The latter is envisioned for frivolous use only. Regulation-size, or competition-size ping-pong tables, are sized as per the sizes instructed by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) guidelines. Virtually every table you will see will be a standard-sized table. The typical size of a ping-pong or table tennis table is 9ft x 5ft x 2.5ft or 108in x 60in x 30in. Besides that, non-regulation entertaining ping pong tables come in diverse smaller sizes.

  • Playing Area: When purchasing a table, you also have to deliberate how much room you have nearby the table. Our Specialists at SZX billiards strappingly commend reckoning out where you have space accessible in your home or office before determining to purchase a table. For home arrangements, make sure the playing zone is not close to anything that can easily break. Delicate or expensive bits and pieces should be moved or protected if they are near the table. Likewise, the location of a table in a workplace affects not only the players but also the other workers. The main apprehension is the noise level so the playing area should be inaccessible enough to not distract others or inhibit their work.

  • Outdoors: Outdoor playing parts characteristically have more room for placing the game tables, but there are still some features to reflect upon while picking where to set up your table. It would surely be great to play open-air in the fresh air, but too much sunlight or wind can make it difficult. If you live in a windy place, try to choose a spot with some natural barriers (walls, trees, etc.) to minimize the effects. You will also need to ponder the ground beneath the table, particularly if your table necessitates a level surface. Grass or dirt allows for better shock absorption, but it can be tough to move correctly when compared to a wood deck or concrete.


You should not be worried that you will end up deteriorating your hard-earned money on a ping-pong table that is not accurate for you. Because you are at the right place. We would like to help you in buying the best table for your needs from our large collection of ping pong tables. The team here at SZX billiards has been designing and manufacturing our game table for more than 25 years. All the way through the whole time, our billiard tables have been used for leisure purposes in different countries. We are professional in sports goods, delivering all sports goods to numerous countries. We also try to ensure the utmost customer satisfaction.

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