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A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Foosball Table Parts

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date Apr 18, 2023

Foosball is an entertaining and competitive game that requires skill, strategy, and the right equipment. One of the most crucial aspects of a foosball setup is ensuring that you have the best foosball table parts. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various foosball table parts and provide tips on how to choose the right ones to enhance your foosball experience.

Foosball Table Parts: Key Components:

A foosball table is a composition of different key components that are combined and fixed together to make a game table. These components are crucial to enhance the game play, however, each part has its own life-span and may need to be replaced with OEM manufacturer's table parts. Some of the key components are as follows:

Playing Surface Field: 

The playing surface, or the field, is where the game takes place. A high-quality surface should be flat, smooth, and durable of a foosball table. Look for accessories with materials like laminate or tempered glass, which provide an excellent balance of durability and playability.


The rods are the metal bars that hold the player figures and allow them to move and rotate fixed on the table. Choose high-quality, solid steel or chrome-plated rods that are resistant to bending and provide smooth, responsive gameplay.

Ball Bearings:

Bearings are the components that allow the rods to glide smoothly during foosball game play. Opt for high-quality nylon or ball-bearing systems to ensure long-lasting performance and minimal friction.

Player Figures: 

The player figures, or foosball men, are attached to the rods and are used to strike the ball. Look for counterbalanced, durable figures with a distinct foot design to improve ball control and shot accuracy.

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The handles are what players grip to control the rods and player figures. Comfortable, ergonomic handles with non-slip materials like rubber or wood will enhance your foosball gameplay experience.


The goals are where you score points by shooting the ball past the opposing team's goalkeeper. Ensure that the goals are well-constructed and have a ball return system for easy retrieval.

Leg Levelers: 

Leg levelers are adjustable feet that help maintain a level playing surface, even on uneven floors. Invest in sturdy, easy-to-adjust levelers to maintain optimal gameplay conditions.

Foosball Table Parts: Identifying Components That Require Frequent Replacement

Despite investing in high-quality foosball table parts, some components tend to wear out faster than others due to regular use and gameplay. It is essential to recognize and replace these parts to maintain optimal foosball table performance. The following are some of the components that typically require frequent replacement:

Playing Surface:

Over time, the playing surface of foosball table can become scratched, warped, or faded due to constant ball movement and player figure contact. Regularly inspect your playing surface for signs of wear and consider replacing it when necessary to maintain a smooth, even playing field.

Foosball balls: 

They are subjected to considerable impact and friction during play, which can cause them to lose their shape, texture, or bounce. Replace worn-out foos-balls to ensure consistent gameplay and ball control.

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Player Figures: 

Foosball men can become chipped, cracked, or loose over time, affecting their performance on the field. Inspect your player figures for signs of wear and replace them as needed to maintain optimal ball control and shot accuracy.

Bumpers and Bushings: 

Bumpers and bushings are the rubber or plastic components that cushion the impact between the rods and the table's sidewalls. They also help to maintain proper rod alignment on the table. These parts can wear out or become compressed over time, leading to decreased performance and potential rod damage. Replace worn bumpers and bushings to keep your rods functioning smoothly and prevent damage to your table.

Handle or Grips: 

The handles or grips on the foosball rods can become worn or slippery, reducing your control during gameplay. Replacing worn grips with new, comfortable, and non-slip options will enhance your playing experience.

Foosball table grips

Tips for Choosing the Right Foosball Table Parts:

Know Your Skill Level: Your skill level will greatly influence the type of foosball table parts you require. Beginners may opt for budget-friendly components, while advanced players should invest in high-quality parts for better performance and durability.

Determine Your Budget: 

Set a budget before shopping for foosball table parts. This will help you prioritize the essential components and avoid overspending on unnecessary features.

Prioritize Durability: 

Investing in durable foosball table parts ensures that your table will withstand years of intense gameplay. High-quality materials and construction will save you money in the long run by reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Consider Compatibility: 

When selecting foosball table parts, make sure they are compatible with your specific table model. This will ensure proper fit and function, and prevent potential damage to your table.

Read Online Reviews: 

Consult product reviews and foosball forums to learn from the experiences of other players. Their insights can help you make informed decisions when choosing foosball table parts.

Where can you get the foosball table parts separately?

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Selecting the right foosball table parts is essential for a satisfying and enjoyable foosball experience. By considering factors such as skill level, budget, durability, compatibility, and user reviews, you can make informed decisions and create the perfect foosball setup for your needs. Invest in high-quality components that cater to your specific requirements, and you'll be well on your way to becoming a foosball master.

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