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All you need to know about 8 ball pool cool math!

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date Mar 03, 2023

What is a Pool Game?

Cool math 8 ball pool is a widely played category of cue sports which is played on a table having six pockets parallel to each other along the rails. The game’s motive is to strike cue balls using a cue stick to deposit balls into the pockets.

Players aim and strike a white ball to hit colored balls with an intention to push them hard in the pockets with a single strike. 

The pool balls explained: 

It is played on a pool table with 16 balls - 1 white cue ball, 7 striped balls, 7 solid balls, and 1 black 8 ball. These balls are made of resin and plastic material. This material is dense, doesn’t crack or chip, and provides accurate game play. Browse billiard pool parts from here.

8 ball pool balls set

What is the difference between Snooker and Pool?

Many people are still confused and excited to know the authentic difference between snooker and pool. Therefore, we have stretched a history to summarize to you the difference between snooker and pool.

Before comparing both the games it is also important to understand the game play of both the pool games. There are usually 16 ball games but many people play 9 ball games with cue ball simultaneously. Playing with 9 balls makes the game shorter and tricky to play perfect for non-professional gamers.

You can also choose the cue stick length and weight for your deisred experience.

Comparing snooker and pool:

Neville Chamberlain, an armed forces commissioned officer of different nations also known as Lieutenant, desired to make amendments in black pool game. A black pool name was given because of one black ball and 15 red balls. He added colors in the balls and assigned score and game play thus the newer version of pool was named snooker. 

There was another visible change in the length of the table. The pool table measures 8 feet length and 4 feet width or sometimes 9 feet in length. The length was increased noticeably in feet making the snooker table measured 12 feet or 10 feet in length.

The rules were regulated to some extent but players set their rules when playing to enjoy it their way. 

How to play 8 ball pool on cool math

We have concisely listed the following 5 steps that you can learn how to play 8 ball pool on cool math like others do. 

  • Go to the Cool Math Games website by searching for "8 Ball Pool" in the Google search bar or find it in the "Sports" category.
  • Click on the "8 Ball Pool" game, wait for it to load completely and start playing.
  • You might need to register or log in to play with your profile.
  • When playing online the target is placed on the white ball (cue ball). When you move the cursor the target also moves in the direction of the cursor so the cue stick.
  • The cue stick is moved in the direction of the mouse arrow and you can set the power of the shot by holding the left mouse button while keeping the mouse steady so the target is not missed.
  • Releasing the mouse button will result in the cue ball striked with a cue stick and hitting the other balls.
  • The champion will deposit a colored ball in the pool pocket with a single strike!

The rules of the online 8 ball pool game are the same as the real game with a primary objective to sink the balls in the pockets. The white ball also known as sue ball hits other balls to deposit them in the pool pockets. The practiced players know the appropriate direction and power required to hit white ball that sinks other balls in the pocket. When it becomes difficult for a cue ball to hit the colored balls the player will swing or spin the cue ball. 

When playing online with the computer you can also adjust the game settings, such as the difficulty level, and target options.

The 8 Ball Pool Cool Math Online Game

Since 8 ball pool or snooker is a very popular game for any age group or gender, game developers decided to make an online mobile 8 ball pool game. It was launched in 2014 when Android and iOS became popular and the game was downloaded enormously by the public. The mobile version was pretty much stable, and offered real experience. Additionally the biggest attraction they added in a game by making it online multiplayer.

Therefore, connecting social accounts or registering into the pool cool math online game one can invite its friends to play real-time and share results. 

There’s many 8 ball pool cool math like games on the internet however each game sets its own uniqueness.

Is it fun playing 8 Ball Pool on Cool Math?

It will not be a lie that the 8 ball pool is an interesting game itself. Playing in real life makes you more professional and practiced with mind-hand control. But it also means you need to take your keys and get your car to the snooker club. Your friends might not be available to play at that time or you wouldn’t have enough leisure time. 

These consequences of a responsible life makes your outdoor playing compact. 

Therefore, playing pool online and inviting friends over can be a good source of joy. So, you don’t need to adjust your other life’s responsibilities and you can play games anytime. If you are traveling you can make your trip enjoyable by playing online games. One can also play at midnight when the clubs are about to close. 

In a nutshell playing online games can be fun and joyful in contrast playing on pool table. It all depends upon your lifestyle and passion for playing sports!

Have fun playing 8 Ball Pool on Cool Math!

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