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date Oct 24, 2022

What is meant by Air Hockey Table?

  • It is played on an air hockey table and is one of the most well-known and enduring arcade games of recent years. It was developed and patented in the United States in the late 1960s and early 1970s by a team of game designers from a company that made snooker tables. They aimed to design a game that was quicker to play and more enjoyable than snooker and got the concept from the well-known sport of ice hockey.
  • The vast, level playfield had a goal at either end, or the lines on the ice hockey pitch marked the plan's boundaries. Only sliding pucks were there when the tables were openedbut the playfield soon had thousands of tiny holes.

History of Air Hockey Table: 

An air hockey table is used to play one of the most well-known and lasting arcade games in recent years. A group of game developers from a manufacturer of snooker tables in the United States, who dealt with the idea and licensed it, created it between the latter half of the 1960s and the middle of the 1970s. They sought to create a game that was easier to learn and more exciting than snooker by taking inspiration from the renowned sport of ice hockey.

How does it function?

  • The puck, the mallet, the air blower, the scoreboard, the surface, and the air hockey table are the components of air hockey. To make use of the air that streams out of the numerous tiny spaces in the flat surface, the manufacturers of air hockey first put up a very smooth playing surface, often a cover over compressed wood or MDF board. Next, they construct the oars and pucks out of plastic.
  • To try to get past their opponent's defenses, the two players strike the puck, sometimes deflecting it off the walls. The air cushion makes it easier for the puck to move and prevents friction. Because of this, the game moves quickly; therefore, you need quick reactions to stay in the game.

Where can you get a table for air hockey?

Other internet retailers sell Air Hockey table wholesale. Still, SZX SPORTS is the one that comes highly recommended because of its 27 years of reliability, tenacity, dedication, and affordable costs. For some consumers, the key selling point is that almost all new items come with a warranty, which gives you some real peace of mind and contentment with your new purchase, as the SZX accompanies goods. The most important feature for many customers is that most new things come with a warranty, giving you some peace of mind and safety on your new purchase, like the following SZX products. Since they have so many advantages, air hockey wholesale is inexpensive. Contemporary 6-foot air hockey table, factory direct wholesale.

  • Adult air hockey table made of premium PVC laminated MDF.
  • High-quality air hockey game table SZX 7FT is available for wholesale.
  • Wholesale SZX 7FT professional air hockey gaming table.

Selecting a Good Air Hockey Table:

How do you choose a table that will provide you with a smooth, high-quality game? The fan is typically marketed as being strong since it is crucial for blowing air through the tabletop to create an ice-like, low-friction playfield. Some manufacturers may claim "commercial-grade" if your possible air hockey table doesn't meet this specific requirement.

Investing a bit extra money in a game table if you want to use it for many years is worthwhile. Some tables include black lighting and eye-catching decals. This might significantly alter how your game area functions.

What to Think About When Purchasing a Hockey Table?

The following factors should be taken into account while buying a hockey table. Every table has a unique collection of features that set it distinct from the others. Keep these characteristics in mind while you look for the best air hockey pucks for your requirements. Next, choose the attributes that are most significant to you and purchase a table with those features. It would be best to keep the following things in mind before buying this item.

  • Tabletop or Table
  • Size
  • Puck Size
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Tips for knowing the merits of air hockey table wholesale:

Social: An excellent hockey game fosters a cheerful and friendly environment. You have to play the game with others since you can't play it alone. You must do this if you want to become more outgoing and emerge from your social shell.

  • Non-Physical Activities:

Compared to athletics, running, or weightlifting, air hockey is a non-physical activity because it doesn't require as much physical effort. Think of air hockey as an enjoyable cardio exercise that promotes heart health and weight loss. For those who want a quick workout, this social game is perfect.

  • Entertainment:

An excellent method to spend time is to get an air hockey table. It makes playing more enjoyable and creates a cozy environment. Studies show that having an air hockey table makes nearly 40% more homes happier.


People need to experience competition frequently. Children are introduced to a competitive environment through air hockey, where their skills are tested. They will occasionally have to lose, even if they try. A fast-paced, entertaining game like air hockey gives youngsters the competitive edge they need to thrive in life.


We have promised to satisfy and even surpass our customers' expectations via ongoing research and development, quality control, and the assistance of a devoted and knowledgeable professional staff. Nobody is better capable of developing and producing an air hockey table, and we are adamant about it. The team at SZX is the market's top producer of air hockey tables for wholesale because we make every effort to provide goods of the highest caliber. So don't hesitate to contact us if you want to buy air hockey tables at wholesale prices and in large quantities. Our learner and professional hockey tables are built tough and with longevity. They both have a timeless, classic appearance, and you can get either from an air hockey table wholesale.

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