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What you should know about vintage bar billiard table for sale

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date Sep 28, 2022


A vintage bar billiards table in contrast to a standard pool table does not have any pockets around the edge of the table but rather has holes that are sunk into the table itself. Aside from this presumed and baffling relationship, the origin of Bar Billiards remains a mystery. However, in the early 1930s, an Englishman named David Gill saw a game called Russian Billiards (also known as Billiard Russe) being played in Belgium.Vintage bar billiards table for sale

What is a Vintage bar billiards table for sale?

A bar billiards table is a rectangular table that is often made of wood and covered with cotton. This kind of table is used to play the game of bar billiards, which is also sometimes referred to as Russian billiards. It is quite like the standard game of pool, but it is played from just one side of the table, and the objective is to get the balls into the holes at the other end of the table.

Size of the Vintage bar billiards table for sale:

The size of the bar billiard table is measured by using the term "regulation". The term "Regulation" relates to the geometry of the playing field, which dictates that the distance from corner to corner must be precisely twice as great as the width. If the length-to-width ratio of the table is consistent with these parameters, then the table may be called "Regulation" even if it is a different size. The size of a vintage bar billiards table for sale is a major component in selling. The following is a list of the most frequent sizes of regulation tables:

Bar Size 7ft - (Playfield: 39" X 78") popularly known as (Bar Size) because this is the bar playing area for most coin-operated tables found in pubs and bars.

Standard 8ft -A Standard 8ft table has a length of 88 inches and a width of 44 inches. This is the most popular size that is bought for houses and other private dwellings in the United States.

Tournament 9-footer - The play area of a tournament 9-foot table has dimensions of 100 inches in length and 50 inches in width. 

Pool table V/S bar billiard table:

The terms "billiards" and "pool" are sometimes used interchangeably since they both refer to games that are played on tables that are visually comparable and include the use of a cue and balls. A great number of individuals may not be aware that these terms genuinely refer to distinct things and that there are also notable variations in the characteristics of the tables involved. People usually get confused when they see a vintage bar billiards table for sale and pool tables, they, mix up both tables and get confused.

Some differences between both tables are as follows:

Table size:

 The size of the bar billiards table is 10ft. The size of the pool table is 6ft-9ft.

Table surface:

The surface of the bar billiards table is of worsted wood while the surface of the pool table is a combination of wool and nylon.


Common games on the bar billiard table are straight rail, one cushion, three cushions, etc. the common games played on the pool table are eight ball, black ball, ten ball, nine balls, straight pool, and one pocket, etc.


The average cue of a bar billiards table is 54-56 inches in length. The cue size of the pool table is 57-59 inches.


 The bar billiards table has 3 balls white cue ball, a yellow cue ball, and a red object ball. The pool table has 16 balls in which there is a white cue ball, a black cue ball, 7 non-striped balls, and 7 striped balls.

Choosing the best Vintage bar billiards table for sale:

There are many companies all over the world who have vintage bar billiards table for sale but choosing the right bar billiard table is difficult. Here are some characteristics that make a bar billiard table better:


The size of the table is among the most crucial aspects to consider when purchasing a table. In general, most people choose the largest size. It is recommended that you leave a gap of at least three feet around the table. Because nine-foot tables provide a few unique issues, you could discover that a table that is either eight feet long (also known as pro size) or seven feet long (often referred to as bar size) is a better fit for your requirements. If you want to improve your game to the point where you can participate in tournaments held in bars, it is a good idea to have the same size table at home as you do while you are playing in the bars.


Slate is used to making billiard tables more satisfying for the game. you should choose either a table made of one piece of slate or three pieces of slate. It is preferable to have a billiard table with three parts since this allows for more adaptability. After that, you also must see the option to pick between framed slate, unframed slate, or a slate liner in a vintage bar billiards table for sale. When it comes to the overall support of the table as well as the smoothness of the playing surface, framed slate is superior to unframed slate.

Wood or finishing:

When talking about the finishing or wood of the table Hardwood provides more efficacy. The hardwood is more stable. The Formica finish also provides durability to the game, and it is one of the best choices.


As bar billiards tables are distinct from the pool table and there are a lot of companies selling these tables. SZX company is one of the best companies that have vintage bar billiards table for sale. They have different bar billiard tables with customized colours and sizesIt was established in 1995 in China. It has 3000+ workers and it is currently serving 25 countries. 

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