Mercilessly Criticizes Crossword Clue | NYT Crossword Answer

Mercilessly Criticizes Crossword Clue | NYT Crossword Answers

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date Apr 29, 2023

Crossword Clue: Mercilessly Criticizes

Answer: RIPSON

The answer to the clue "mercilessly criticizes" in a crossword puzzle is "RIPSON" This idiomatic expression means to harshly or aggressively criticize someone or something.

Validating the Answer of The Crossword Clue Mercilessly Criticizes

Since the answer of the clue is found to be “RIPSON”, here’s how you can validate and find the answer: 

Check the Crossings: Ensure that the intersecting letters from the completed answers align with "RIPSON." Cross-checking with other clues can provide additional hints and confirm the accuracy of the answer.

Consider the Clue: The clue "mercilessly criticizes" implies a strong, negative action towards someone or something. The phrase "RIPSON" aligns with this meaning, as it conveys a sense of aggressive or harsh criticism.

Evaluate Word Length: The given clue has a length of 6, which indicates that the answer consists of a word containing six letters. "RIPSON" fits this requirement.

Look for Alternative Answers: In some cases, there might be multiple answers that fit the clue. If you come across other possible answers, cross-check them with intersecting clues to determine which one is the most likely solution. In this case, "RIPSON" appears to be the most fitting answer for "mercilessly criticizes."

What are Crossword Puzzles?

Crossword puzzles have long provided an engaging and challenging form of entertainment that tests the limits of our language, general knowledge, and problem-solving skills. In this article, we will delve into the realm of crossword puzzles, focusing on a specific clue: "mercilessly criticizes." By breaking down the clue, revealing the answer, and providing insights into the art of solving crossword puzzles, we aim to shed light on the fascinating world of crosswords.

Finding the Answer of the "Mercilessly Criticizes" Clue:

Crossword puzzle clues are crafted to be both challenging and stimulating. They often demand solvers to employ their vocabulary, general knowledge, and lateral thinking skills. The clue "mercilessly criticizes" is a prime example of a crossword clue that requires a multifaceted approach.

Clue 1: Mercilessly criticizes (6)

Answer: “RIPSON”

Clue 2: Mercilessly criticizes (4, 4)

Answer: “RIPS INTO”

The answer to the clue "mercilessly criticizes (4, 4)" is "rips into," while Mercilessly criticizes (6)

Is “RIPSON” which is an idiomatic expression that means to harshly or aggressively criticize someone or something. While the clue may initially appear ambiguous, solvers can determine the correct answer by considering the context of the puzzle and utilizing their knowledge of language and idiomatic expressions.

Tips for Mastering Crossword Puzzles:

  • Focus on Short Words First: Short words are often easier to solve and can provide helpful intersecting letters for solving longer, more complex clues.
  • Look for Wordplay: Many crossword clues involve wordplay, puns, or double meanings. Be prepared to think laterally and consider alternative interpretations of the clues.
  • Employ Abbreviations and Acronyms: Crossword puzzles frequently include abbreviations and acronyms, which can be helpful for solving other clues in the puzzle.
  • Leverage Your General Knowledge: Crossword puzzles often test solvers' general knowledge across a wide range of topics. Draw upon your knowledge of history, geography, literature, and pop culture to help you solve clues.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice: Like any skill, becoming proficient at crossword puzzles takes practice. Regularly tackling crossword puzzles can help you build your vocabulary, improve your problem-solving skills, and increase your knowledge of various subjects.


The art of solving crossword puzzles lies in the ability to decipher clues, leverage diverse knowledge, and think creatively. The "mercilessly criticizes" clue is an excellent example of the depth and nuance that makes crossword puzzles so captivating. By employing the tips discussed in this blog, you can hone your crossword-solving skills and confidently tackle even the most formidable puzzles.

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