How to level a billiard table? Mystery Revealed

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date Apr 26, 2022

How to level a billiard table? Billiards has been and is a popular entertainment sport. To be good at billiards, you need to have the right way to play billiards and the right technique. See the article below to learn the techniques of hole billiards and flat billiards for new players that you should not miss if you are learning about this game.

How to level a billiard table

Basic billiards table skills

The most basic billiards techniques for new players that you can refer to:

1.1. Retro Techniques

Retro, also known by players as troy or drag, is a technique of hitting the master ball to go a distance forward and then turn back. To perform the retro technique, the player needs to lower the shuttlecock and hit the bottom of the cue ball, while giving the cue ball a spin (downward) motion.

When performing the retro ball stroke technique, following 5 rules:

How to level a billiard table? The lower the ball touches point, the higher the spin of the ball. Therefore, when performing retro, you should, choose the touch point below 1/4 of the master ball. Retro to slow ball, choose to gradually increase the touch point.

Place the muscle horizontally between 0 - 20 degrees. If the horizontal muscle is 0 degrees, the spin created is the best. Only perform tail muscle lifting in cases of absolute necessity such as when the master ball is covered.

When releasing the muscle, the muscle must go in a straight line, do not raise or lower the elbow, as this may misalign or separate the muscle.

You should put the hand bridge near the master ball. Only use Ouija far away when you need strong force to retro far.

How to level a billiard table?

how to level a billiard table? And refer to the experience of playing billiards from the most professional players if you are starting to learn this mind sport!

Push the specialist nose through the host ball for the right distance, and then stop abruptly to create spin for the retro shot. The spin is higher when the nose muscle accelerates. Do not pull back and hit again.

1.2. Culle position technique

Cue billiards is often applied when 3 balls can lie almost in a straight line and cannot be beaten thin. In which, the cue position is a play that players often encounter in flat billiards.

The technique of cue billiards divides into two types: live cue and dead cue. As follows:

1.2.1. Cue live master balls

How to level a billiard table? The technique is for playing billiards Cue live balls for the master ball to have a fast and long path after being touch and touch.

 How to hit as follows:

Place the guide to the aiming point of the master ball.

Pushing the specialized muscle through the center of the ball of the ball, it is necessary to perform a long push and not to stop suddenly.

The position to hit the ball is usually 1.5 times the diameter of the ball head from the center of the ball.

1.2.2. Cue is dead

How to level a billiard table? Cue dead ball is a technique of hitting billiards so that the master ball moves short enough to push the ball to hit many tapes to the desired position. In order to execute the cue shot, the player needs to push the muscle above the center of the ball with a distance of 1 head. Do not stop the muscle suddenly.

How to level a billiard table 2022

The main ball moves little, enough to hit the target ball, and at the same time push the touch ball (cadre ball) to go to the position where you need to collect billiards. To hit cue to death, we push the muscle above the center of the cue ball a little bit (a distance of 1 head from the center of the ball) and do not stop the muscle suddenly.

1.3. The technique of hitting coffee

How to level a billiard table? Critique is one of the techniques of hitting billiards that any player needs to master. The shot is made by not hitting the master ball correctly to create spin. When the master ball touches the ice, it will bounce back an angle or a ball line at the will of the player.

Whether the big hits have great force or not will depend on the contact of the cue ball with the ball. Small contact area, eccentric hit with great force, creating large friction will help the impact is large.

There are two types of coffee presses used in billiards

Press approval: the master ball will have the same direction as the coffee press position. The ball in contact with the ice bounces off at a large angle relative to the ball's angle of incidence.

Pressing against coffee: Bi master will have the opposite direction compared to the direction of pressing coffee. The exit angle of the ball after contacting the ice is less than the angle of incidence and less than 90 degrees.

How to level a billiard table? The way to place the pressure is very different for each player. Therefore, in order to proficiently use the counter shots, players need to set up their own systems and lines and practice regularly.

Techniques to hit billiards with a swoop

The swing or Picked is a stroke used with the aim of causing the master ball to return faster than a retro shot without using much force. This is also one of the basic billiards techniques that players need to perform well if they want to learn advanced.

 How to level a billiard table? In order to make a successful dive - Picked, you need to hit the upper part of the master ball; the muscle can be slanted or upright. Players can adjust the required spin and power. In particular, the main ball has a large spin when the muscle is standing relative to the surface of the table.

How can we increase or decrease the running force of the master ball

This shot mainly causes the master ball to retreat faster than the return shot without applying much force. Used as a replacement for a return when the 3 balls are in a position where the force of the ball cannot be controlled.

How to level a billiard table? To perform this stroke, we hit the upper part of the host ball, the muscle erect or oblique. The more the muscle stands relative to the table top, the more spin the ball will spin.

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